Harness plants, microbes to remediate environmental challenges —Don

Harness plants, microbes to remediate environmental challenges —Don

By Tare Youdeowei

Mosogar—AN Environmental Plant Physiologist and lecturer at the College of Education, Mosogar, OEM, Delta State, Dr. Moses Omayuli, has identified plants and microbes as the true heroes which must be fully harnessed to remediate global environmental challenges if the future of mankind must be guaranteed.

The don,  at the second  inaugural lecture of the College of Education, Mosogar, said that the unending quest of mankind for economic growth and comfort has adversely altered the natural environment and created global environmental challenges such as pollution, global warming, over population, natural resource depletion, climate change, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, waste disposal ,ocean acidification, etc, which he noted, the world was still battling   to curtailed.

He stated that scientists have struggled to balance human comfort and well being with sustainability but   due to ignorance caused by poor education and   dissemination of scientific facts, poverty, insufficient political will to implement treaties and Protocols etc, not much   meaningful breakthrough had been achieved in this regard, and lamented   that if the world is like this in our time, how will it be in another 50 years from now if efforts that cut across geopolitical boundaries are not put in place to mitigate these problems facing mankind.

The don maintained that as a result of the enormous role plants play in human lives, they can rightly be described as green heroes because man’s existence is predicated on plants.

Earlier in an address, the Provost of the College of Education ,Mosogar, Professor Emmanuel Ojeme, maintained that the institution is happy for its   steady progress in contributing to the body of knowledge.





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