How 3 Courses Paved the Way to a Job

How 3 Courses Paved the Way to a Job

With no work experience, Andres was looking for ways to get his resume noticed by employers. After listing the finance courses he took on his resume, he got a job at the CAF Development Bank of Latin America. Here’s his story:

I live in Caracas, Venezuela and am going through my fifth year studying Public Accounting at the Central University of Venezuela. In February of 2017, I participated in the Harvard National Model of United Nations 2017 in Boston, representing my university and my country. I also completed a full-time internship at CAF-Development Bank of Latin America in the Direction of Operations and Technology Department.

I wanted to deepen my knowledge in financial instruments and financial markets and was developing my resume to suit the requirements for applying to CAF. Considering that I did not have any previous work experience, Coursera was a strong ally in helping me get the job. I took Financial Markets, Business English: Finance and Economics, and Financing for Development.

Financing for Development by the World Bank Group was the course that got the hiring managers attention. It was well aligned with the company mission of CAF, since both are development banks. They asked me about it and as I really enjoyed that course, answering successfully wasn’t a problem. Luckily, both interviewers were satisfied with my response and it helped me stand out from the other applicants. Three days later I was the new intern! In those nine months of the internship, I learned more than I expected and It had a huge impact in my life. I met great people, made friends, and in a small way, I contributed to the sustainable development of Latin America. 

Coursera helped open the door to a job. I listed the Financing for Development course I took on my resume which was a huge plus during the interview process. The course also opened my mind to new possible destinies regarding my career and life development. I learned about investment banks, which ended up being my favorite place to grow as a professional. I’m looking forward to working in the financial industry, either in advisory or treasury and will continue working towards that goal.

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