How a Blog website May Advantage a Student


Having a blog website can be incredibly helpful to students, offering a platform to expose their concepts and show their accomplishments.

Nonetheless, to be reputable, the blog website needs to have the very best tone. Ideally, it must not just be a platform where your student speak about random topics or concepts. Rather, it needs to be relatively skilled, highlighting why they are pursuing a particular course, their goals for the future, or their interest for a subject. Including info about suitable accomplishments, such as scholastic achievements, is also a smart moving.

Generally, having a blog website can supply your student the ability to protrude from the crowd and supply scholarship committees, college admissions decision-makers, and service dealing with interns insights into their character, goals, and objectives. With that in mind, here is a more in-depth have a look at how a blog website can help your student in addition to info about completely complimentary blogging resources and comprehensive guides to help them get an essential blog website off the ground.

How a Blog Site Website Can Help You Win Scholarships.

Some scholarship committees exceed and beyond to discover more about the potential customers. For example, they may head to an online online search engine and see what shows up when they search on the possibility’s name.

Typically, a web search will expose socials media pages, news posts, and equivalent options in the results. Nonetheless, if your student also has a blog website, that will appear too.

In addition, most of scholarship applications provide a location for consisting of additional items. This can include a summary of the student’s blog website in addition to links to suitable product, including posts, portfolios, and more.

By making use of the blog website as a platform to show why your student is a remarkable scholarship possibility, the committee can find additional suitable info that may not fit into their application. For instance, your student can establish posts about their scholastic background and achievements, highlight their volunteer work, include info about their after-school activities, and anything else that can supply them as a well-rounded college (or college-bound) student.

How a Blog Site Website Can Help Throughout the College Admissions Process.

Equivalent to the center behind why a blog website can help a student win scholarships, having a platform to show various suitable achievements may also help a student protrude throughout the college admissions treatment. Generally, college applications are rather limiting, so providing a link to their blog website provides your student another system for highlighting why they would be an outstanding addition to the school.

For this function, it is an excellent concept to focus the blog website on achievements and activities that will likely impress admissions boards. These can include scholastic accomplishments, extracurriculars (particularly when there is a management component), volunteer work, portfolios consisting of jobs that associate your student’s substantial, and more.

How a Blog Site Website Can Help You Land Internships.

A blog website allows your student to begin the treatment of establishing their professional presence. By focusing on topics that connect to their substantial or future occupation, they may have an easier time landing an internship.

With a professional online presence, your student is establishing their area of proficiency. It symbolizes their dedication to their chosen substantial and can show their interest for the subject, both of which can help them land internships.

Completely Totally Free Platforms for Starting a Blog Site Website.

In order for your student to start a blog website, they need an area to launch their posts. While some may think publishing on Facebook is sufficient, it isn’t an ideal platform, particularly if your student uses Facebook socially or would select to keep their profile individual.

Rather, it is an excellent concept to head to platforms that allow any person to launch posts from the perspective of a professional. Amongst the most hassle-free areas to start is LinkedIn, as any person can make use of the publishing platform for posts.

Another option is Medium, which provides people the ability to share their concepts on practically any subject you can perhaps think of within the larger “professional” category. Like LinkedIn, it’s completely complimentary to start.

Your student also has the option of starting their own website. It is possible to establish and launch a blog website completely complimentary as long as you make use of the very best platforms. Amongst the most popular options is the completely complimentary variation of WordPress( from With this WordPress variation, whatever your student needs will not cost them a cent, including hosting and a subdomain.

Costs For a Website.

Often, investing for website services can be the far better alternative. If your student needs a substantial amount of control over the appearance of the site or access to functions that aren’t easily offered through completely complimentary blogging platforms, such as the ability to include a substantial portfolio, then taking a look at alternatives is clever.

Generally, the WordPress platform (from is still the best alternative, as it is frequently used, feature-rich, and can be altered with a range of plugins and designs to achieve the desired look and function. Nonetheless, while the WordPress platform is completely complimentary, your student would need to buy a number of areas, such as hosting and securing a domain.

An In-depth Guide to Starting a Blog Site Website.

The treatment of starting a blog website varies relying on the platform and whether your student is making use of a completely complimentary resource or costs for website services. With that in mind, here is a have a look at how to start a blog website making use of 2 of the most popular options: a completely complimentary blog website hosted by WordPress and a paid-for site making use of the WordPress platform.

How to Start a Blog Site Website on

The treatment for producing a completely complimentary blog website on is remarkably straightforward, particularly if your student starts with amongst the basic style templates.

1. Making a Site.

At first, your student will need to signup on the site, providing their e-mail address, and producing a username and password.

Next, they need to head to the Start page to establish their new site and selected from amongst the options. If your student prepares to consist of new posts, images, or updates regularly, then beginning with the Blog website option might be ideal. Nonetheless, if they would select to make use of the site as an additional resume that holds a portfolio and set info about themselves, then they may select the Specialist option.

Then, your student chooses a category. For example, for a blog website, they would try to find their main topic of interest, such as cooking, mathematics, photography, or development.

After that, your student needs to call their blog website. This is just a title for the main page, and it can be modified at any time.

Your student then needs to prevent the location about picking a domain by selecting “Select a domain later” at the bottom of the screen. At the top of the last screen, your student can choose “Start with a completely complimentary site,” offering the ability to present a blog website without requiring to pay a cent.

2. Developing the Website.

When the initial setup is overall, your student can rapidly get their blog website going. On the sidebar, they can alter their design and the look of their page under the Design header. If they want to establish product for their main page or consist of a post, that’s under the Site location.

Particularly how your student needs to develop their site relies on their goals. Nonetheless, with the valuable style templates, designs, and publishing tools, most of tech-savvy teens can begin on this platform quickly and without much additional support.

How to Start a Blog Site Website Using the Platform.

Starting a paid-for site making use of the platform requires a bit more effort. Nonetheless, in exchange, your student gets more control over the site, so it is a method worth taking a look at.

1. Select and Purchase a Domain.

Selecting the very best domain is remarkably vital. It does not just impact the site’s URL, nevertheless also how people can try to find your student’s blog website.

Ideally, your student should do a little brainstorming to consider what they want their URL to interact. If it is going to work as a resume, then picking a URL that includes their name, initials, or target profession or field may be ideal. Nonetheless, if they want to focus on a topical blog website that concentrates on a subject they are passionate about, then they may make use of a domain that talks with that topic.

Once they have a domain in mind, your student will need to see if it is easily offered. Numerous hosts have a domain checker that any person can make use of, making it an outstanding start point for taking a look at options. If your student wants to see if their selected URL is easily offered, SiteGround’s search can help them do just that.

After your student finds a suitable domain, they need to obtain it. The majority of the times, this can be handled through the hosting service, allowing them to bundle their website costs.

2. Discover a Host.

Developing hosting is probably amongst the most tough parts of the website-building treatment. Nonetheless, it is straightforward.

Amongst the best hosts easily offered is SiteGround They make the treatment standard and are remarkably economical. Plus, you can select an alternative especially for making use of WordPress, so you do not require to manage the WordPress setup on your own.

If your student would like a quick guide to developing hosting, here’s a quick video that information the treatment:.

3. Manage the Website.

When the site is up, and WordPress is all set to go, your student is most of the approach there. How they continue at this minute relies on their requirements and goals. For example, they may want to make use of a particular design, alter what display screens in the sidebars, consist of product to a websites, establish post, upload images, establish a portfolio, and more.

Luckily, most of these treatments are reasonably standard when your student familiarizes themselves with WordPress. Plus, there are a great deals of resources easily offered to function as guides.

To help your student start, here is a quick video that goes over the basics of a WordPress site;(***)

Moreover, the WordPress tutorials and support page is remarkably useful, making it an outstanding area for your student to start if they have issues about making use of the platform and establishing their site.

Ultimately, having a blog website can be helpful to students for the college admissions treatment, winning scholarships, and landing internships. In spite of which strategy your student uses, having a blog website (or a fundamental professional presence) can make a difference, so let them discover the actions above and help them start on their course to success today.

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