How far would you go experimenting with love-making?!

How far would you go experimenting with love-making?!

Most young couples these days have sex as if they invented it. Makes you wonder what the stuff you have indulged in over the years should be called: A Beginner’s Guide To Sex?!’ To today’s avid rabbits, sex is what you have when and where you feel like it. If one or two people happen to be watching with disapproval when they do their stuff, tough! They’re just jealous as far as these sex- experts are concerned.

What brought this on was an incident that happened at an outing recently. It was at one of these high-brow shows with jaw-dropping gate fees. 1 wasn’t there, but the main ‘actor’ was. “I went with this love of my life,� he said, bragging. “We’d both met at a friend’s house.

Folu, my girl, had popped in to discuss my friend’s finances with him and 1 was immediately smitten. She was tall and elegantly turned out, smiling at both of us most of the time, her mesmerising eyes boring into mine from time to time. There and then, 1 had this irrational urge to kiss her. As soon as my friend rose to visit the bathroom, I grabbed her hand. ‘Give me your business car,’ I begged,

‘I have to see you!

“She complied and left shortly after. 1 was hardly out of my friend’s house before I was on to her mobile. It was an irrational behaviour – a 41-year old divorced father of two carrying-on like a teenager with a crush. She agreed for me to drop by at her place and 1 did.

The lust sizzling between us was a bit frightening. I asked, her out for a drink and she agreed after I’d worn down her resolve. I took her straight to my apartment and she didn’t protest much as 1 started falling often over her whilst she was still having a drink. Within minutes, we were frigging at each other, making love on my impressive leather sofa, then in the bedroom. The experience was mind-blowing. I’d never been this brazen with a woman before. Folu, also a single mother of two confessed she behaved out of character. We were both in lust!

“A few weeks later, the sex was so good we were inseparable. When her car broke down, I offered her my most expensive car to use as long as it was necessary until she got her car fixed. 1 was to travel abroad on business for a few weeks anyway and she came with me to the airport. For the days I was away, we had hours of phone- foreplay in long-distance calls. As I arrived Murtala Muhammed Airport, I saw her anxious face broke into a saucy smile when I finished with customs. In the car, I pressed her close to me, my groin almost bursting with lust! We barely made it through my font door before my hands were sliding up her dress and her sexy undies.

We made furious love right there in the living room, her buttocks squashed against the wall.

“We then took things to the bedroom and continued in the shower!

Over the weeks, our mad sexy lust became a romance, we made love anywhere and everywhere we could – in the kitchen and even in the car until I nearly had cramp. We were now spending all our spare time together, splitting it between my place and hers. After almost nine months, our libidos were still in over-drive. When she was offered tickets to a Christmas show by her bank, I jumped at the chance to go with her – not that I like at kind of thing, but because she would be there and we might strengthen our bond!

“The show was a bit boring and I was dying for a fag. Folu was looking exceptionally sexy but I could hardly drag her out with me. After I’d had my fag, I went to use the loo. There were a couple of portable ones and I discovered the attendants had scampered, maybe to watch the show! Excitement mounting, I went back in, told Folu what I just discovered. I told her I was going back to the loo, she was to join me a few minutes later,. The cubicle was rather tiny but when I heard Folu’s surreptitious knock I quickly pushed her i side.

She was wearing a mini black dress, making our love-making easy, fast and furious. We were crammed against each other with the tiny sink poking into my back but the experience was explosive and amazing.

“We must have been making too much noise as there were impatient knocks on the door. “What is going on there?� A voice yelled. It must be one of the attendants now back from his jaunt. We were right in the middle of things and before we could do anything, the silly man had opened the door. A queue of faces stared at us. Folu frantically readjusted her dress, he knickers in he bag, whilst I stood in full view, my privates on parade!

“Luckily, the queue consisted mainly of young people and they applauded and cheered. They followed us as we went in, but I quickly dragged Folu towards another exit and left for home. Folu was a bit worried the story might get back to her superiors at work. A few of her colleagues were at the show but none was on the toilet queue.

Thank goodness nothing like that happened. As we reviewed our sexploits, we both agreed the sex was fantastic as it as alfresco, with a tinge of danger!

“As for me, I couldn’t be happier, I have a fantastic sex life. A lover who gets my engine running again, and again and again – at the touch of a button. It’ll take more than a bit of exposure to make our passion fizzle out! And to think we found passion after we’d both experienced a bad marriage! Never give up on lust is what I say!!â€�

This is wishing all you readers a Happy New Year!

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