How to Build an Audience in Just 30 Minutes a Day


“When I have time …” That phrase is one of the most abused in the English language.

We all have big things we want to do: start a blog, write a book, begin a project, teach an online course—but we leave those dreams on the shelf for another day when we have time.

I have bad news for you: The future is really busy. That time you think you are going to have … well, it will only exist if you create it.

Three years ago, I was a lot like you. I was dabbling in blogging and building an online audience while still working my full-time job. I thought, “Maybe one day I’ll make this into a real business.” After I got married and had a child on the way, I realized I needed to make a career shift—and fast. I looked to my platform to do that.

Working at Chick-fil-A was great (who can resist free waffle fries?), but I craved independence, influence, and income at another level. Like you, I had that entrepreneurial itch.

I wanted to do something big. Create something new, and watch it grow.

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Do you know what the #1 problem is for most platform-builders?

Time. We all want more of it, and when we have it, we aren’t sure what to do with it. This is especially true for you because you are doing something entirely new. Sometimes it can feel like there isn’t a roadmap.

But that’s just not true.

The future is really busy. That time you think you are going to have … well, it will only exist if you create it.

John Meese

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Facebook is changing. The online business world is in adapting constantly. The market is evolving. The time to start building and growing your platform is now.

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