How to Nail the Disney College Program Application Process


If you have actually never ever wished to quit your inner kid, you may think about ending up being a part of the magic at Walt Disney World through their Disney College Program. Through the DCP, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes internship, work and scholastic experience at numerous Disney parks and resorts in Orlando or California. With this unusual chance, nailing its competitive application and interview procedure is essential.

Here’s some guidance from 2 recently-accepted DCP individuals.

Apply as Early as Possible.

DCP individuals rather discuss this subject. Some state that even if it implies using the day that applications drop– do it. However, the very best guidance? Apply at the time that works finest for you, however attempt not to wait too long. Individuals that wait too long to use may have difficulty getting accepted, particularly if other certified candidates use prior to them. To prevent that, use within a number of weeks from the applications’ release date, or a minimum of a couple of weeks prior to the applications close.

Pro suggestion: check out over all of your details to make sure precision and sincerity when using to prevent disputes with your application. Likewise, it assists to use earlier in your college profession instead of later on if you understand that you wish to get the complete DCP experience. “Attempt to use as early in your college profession as possible,” stated Florida Atlantic University senior Rebecca Coddington. “That method, there’s more chances to use once again if you do not make it.” If you’re declined your very first walk around, do not get dissuaded. The DCP uses lots of chances to use, so do not get captured up comparing your experience to others.

Image thanks to Rebecca CoddingtonDo Your Research Study.

Thankfully, because the DCP has actually been a universally-loved program for a while, you have access to a lot of resources to assist you through your application and interview procedure. “YouTube was my actual life saver,” stated Florida State University sophomore Victoria Cardoso. “There are numerous videos discussing the application itself, the web-based interview, and the phone interview.” Some DCP alumni have their phone interviews totally tape-recorded on YouTube in order to provide future individuals a concept of what to anticipate. Likewise, a lot of DCP vloggers on YouTube movie their entire experience– from move-in day to vacate. YouTube videos can likewise provide you a terrific concept of what function may work best for you if you discover yourself having a hard time to pick.

Picking Your Function.

If the YouTube videos do not limit the look for you, trust your gut. “In the application, you’ll be asked to rank your functions from high interest, low interest, to no interest,” stated Cardoso. “Even if you pick a function with low interest, you might get the function. Be real to yourself and choose the functions you will take pleasure in– do not settle.” Employers wish to see you have great individuals abilities in any capability. If you have retail experience, do not restrict yourself to the product function. The experience you have dealing with consumers can still assist you in any function, due to the fact that nearly all of the functions include heavy interactions with visitors. Anything from working as a camp therapist to waitressing offers you all of the experience you might perhaps require to deal with any DCP function.

Guidance for the Web-Based Interview.

The very best guidance to keep in mind for the WBI? Response either “entirely concur” or “entirely disagree” when appropriate. DCP employers wish to hear company and definitive responses from their candidates. Program them that you can operate well on a group by revealing you have strong decision-making abilities.

Image thanks to Victoria CardosoTips for the Phone Interview.

For the majority of people, the phone interview can come off as the most aggravating due to the fact that candidates talk with a DCP employer straight for the very first time. Nevertheless, do not worry. You can prepare in lots of methods. “Truthfully, I simply went on the internet and saw YouTube videos of individuals throughout their real interviews to get concepts of concerns they asked and how the call would go,” stated Coddington. “I searched for concerns they might possibly ask and written a number of bullet points of what I might speak about.” For this interview, bullet points are the very best method to go. To put it simply, do not compose a script. DCP employers can inform when candidates do not appear genuine. “It’s actually simply a discussion about your preferred put on Earth with somebody who’s simply as thinking about it as you,” stated Coddington. “My recruiter was really conversational and it made it much easier for me to interact why I wished to do the DCP.”.

Another terrific piece of guidance for the phone interview: keep in mind to smile. “If you’re smiling while you talk, they can hear it through the phone,” stated Coddington. “They desire that energy at the parks in order to develop much better interactions for their visitors.” Much like any other interview you go to, remembering your recruiter’s name and resolving them as such is really essential. Employers enjoy the customization element that makes individuals feel unique– similar to at the parks.

If you get a little anxious, do not fret excessive. The employers comprehend. DCP employers call countless candidates and will not anticipate you not to have some nerves about procedure. “The DCP is a huge offer, so they understand you’ll fidget,” stated Coddington. “I responded to the phone with an unstable voice throughout my phone interview. However do not let that eclipse your capabilities. Within a minute, I unwinded and entered into the groove of the discussion.” When in doubt, do not go for excellence, credibility is crucial.

Throughout the interview, the employer may ask some scenario-based concerns referring back to the functions you selected. In these situations, keep in mind to put security of the visitors initially, while likewise keeping in mind to provide a wonderful Disney experience. Keep in mind, when describing Disney visitors, call them visitors. You’ll discover in the future in your DCP to state “visitors” rather of “consumers”, however if you have that understanding under your belt now, it can set you apart from others.

At the end of the phone interview you’ll have the chance to ask concerns, so do it. Ask your recruiter an appealing concern– even if it’s simply one– to reveal your interest. “I really believe that the concern I asked assisted me associate with my recruiter more,” stated Coddington. “We chuckled together, and I actually enjoyed his time.” At the end of your call, thank them and inform them to have a wonderful day, or something Disney-related like that. Employers enjoy it.

As soon as you have these suggestions and techniques under your belt, your opportunities of being successful in your application procedure will increase, and you’ll get your foot in the door of a big, well-respected business. From getting experience in your DCP function, you will form connections for expert internships while getting special work experience and memories to last a life time.


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