How to overcome our Oxbridge fixation|Letters

How to overcome our Oxbridge fixation|Letters

” Cambridge was constantly my dream,” states trainee Hridita Rahman Khan (Oxbridge bonanza: How one school beat the odds to compete with Eton, 19 January). Forty-one effective applications is fantastic news, however as Sol Gamsu composed (Journal, 3 January) our fixation with Oxbridge is not fixing the inequalities that exist in the college system as a whole. Distinct as Oxford and Cambridge might be, it can not be stated they are much better in every regard than all the other universities in the UK– there have to do with 130 of them– and Oxbridge will not match everybody.

Oxbridge will be really beyond the wildest dreams of many 6th formers, however the issue here is the variety of disadvantaged teens who do not have dreams. They are not influenced by the fixation with Oxbridge that appears in the media and, unfortunately, in lots of a sixth-form college prospectus. Hridita’s experience reveals what a selective academy can do for determined trainees. The obstacle facing our education system is to encourage the uninspired that the other universities have something genuinely important to use them.
Richard Evans

Checking out the exceptional news about the high requirements at Brampton Manor school verifies my belief that we will never ever have an equal opportunity up until all personal education is eliminated. Brampton Manor makes no bones about motivating elitism; undoubtedly, it has actually specifically designated coaches who fill the spaces in the otherwise denied backgrounds of a lot of their students.

This includes providing the high-fliers experiences lots of middle/upper-class students consider approved, such as museums, art galleries, and exhibits. Would that all children had access to this.

While Brampton Manor is to be praised for both its efforts and its outcomes, it is still a long method from equality of chance nationally.

By the method, there are other universities apart from the 2 discussed.
Ann Gordon
Romford, Essex

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