Hungary Scholarship Program 2020/2021 for Christian Youth to study in Hungary (Completely Moneyed)


Application Due Date: 31 st January, 2020 (23: 59 Budapest time).
Hungary offers high quality education in the heart of Europe. Today, there is a growing need of global trainees to study in Hungary. Besides the quality of education and degrees acknowledged throughout Europe and beyond, trainees are drawn in by the inexpensive living expenses with an incredibly beneficial cost-to-value ratio, a safe and friendly living environment with practical mass transit, the main area of the nation in Europe, and the pristine natural charms integrated with a 2000 year-old, abundant Hungarian history and a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Hungary is likewise within the leading nations with the greatest variety of clinical Nobel Reward Winners per capita, and a many clinical creations from Vitamin C to Rubik’s cube and so on.
The core objective of the Scholarship Program for Christian Youth is to offer the possibility of studying in Hungary for young Christian trainees residing in the crisis areas of the world and/or being threatened in their nation since of their faith. After finishing their research studies, the scholarship holders will go back to assist their house neighborhood with their acquired understanding, and they will take part in the restoration of war-destroyed nations and add to enhancement of social circumstance and conservation of culture of Christian neighborhoods.
The Program is handled by the State Secretariat for the Help of Persecuted Christians and for the Hungary Assists Program and is arranged by Tempus Public Structure.

Qualified Getting involved Nations, readily available research study levels, favored research study fieldsThe Scholarship Program for Christian Youth is based upon the cooperation in between the State Secretariat for the Help of Persecuted Christians and for the Hungary Assists Program and Churches that pursue humanitarian activities in crisis areas. List of churches can be discovered in Annex 1.
For the 2020/21 scholastic year, the scholarship is revealed for the residents of the list below nations: Egypt, Lebanese Republic, Republic of Iraq, State of Israel, Palestine, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Syrian Arab Republic, Republic of Kenya, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Republic of Armenia and Nigeria.
Tuition-free educationo exemption from the payment of tuition cost Regular monthly stipendo bachelor’s, master’s and one-tier master’s level: month-to-month quantity of HUF128,520(cca. EUR 400) contribution to the living costs in Hungary, for 12 months a year, up until the conclusion of studieso doctoral level: the month-to-month quantity of scholarship is HUF 140,000(cca EUR 450) for the very first stage of education (4 terms) and HUF 180,000(cca EUR 570) forthe 2nd stage (4 terms)– for 12 months a year, up until conclusion of research studies. Accommodationo totally free dorm room location or a contribution of HUF 40,000 to lodging expenses forthe entire period of the scholarship duration (Please keep in mind that if the trainee doesnot reside in the dorm room, then the HUF 40 000/ month (cca. EUR 125) is just acontribution to rental expenses, and in larger cities– particularly in the capital city– thiscontribution would not cover the total of rental expenses.) Repayment of travel costso HUF 200,000/ scholastic year (cca. EUR 640) Medical insuranceo healthcare services according to the appropriate Hungarian legislation (Act LXXX of1997, nationwide medical insurance card) and extra medical insurance coverage for upto HUF 65,000(cca. EUR 205) a year/person.
To learn more:.
Check Out the Authorities Website of the Hungary Scholarship Program 2020/2021


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