I came here to count tally documents, not to count cash, Igini informs political leaders


By Johnbosco Agbakwuru.

The 2019 basic elections in the nation might have reoccured other than in some states where the workout was stated undetermined. Nevertheless, the elections were not carried out without casualties and heroes.

While some political leaders who had actually prepared to jeopardize the system might be nursing the injuries sustained throughout the procedure, those who were close to the electorate are indulging in the bliss of triumph.

For the very first time given that democracy went back to the nation in 1999, political heavyweights and godfathers appear to have actually lost in the elections. This is what generally would have not been possible in the past.

In Akwa Ibom State to name a few, there were upsets that have actually given that ended up being a topical discourse within the political sphere. The elections in the state have actually likewise made the Citizen Electoral Commissioner, REC, there, Mike Igini, a hero of democracy. This is due mostly to the large honors he continues to get from well-meaning Nigerians.

Surprisingly, Igini has a performance history of stability and firmness in managing nationwide tasks. The Akwa Ibom State REC might have taken these virtues together with him in the conduct of the 2019 basic elections in the state.

Reports show that, on arrival in September 2018 for the surveys in the state, Igini consulted with political stakeholders where he explained his vision and objective worrying the job at hand.

Among the important things the REC did not mince words notifying individuals had to do with his company position to demand just the right however not the incorrect. For Igini, he remained in Akwa Ibom to count the tally documents and absolutely nothing else.

However it appeared Igini’s gospel did not sink into the skulls of some ‘heavyweight’ political leaders who, obviously, believed that it was going to be company as typical. While those that had actually come across the Delta State-born REC when he served in Cross River took him seriously, keeping in mind that, as far as Igini was worried, money was not the choosing element however the votes, others did not.

For those who thought that “what anything can refrain from doing, more cash can do it”, it was their thinking that the difficult posture of the REC was simply to increase his cost.

Throughout an interaction with some individuals, Igini had actually presumed, “On account of the historic difficulties of electoral service shipment in this state, l informed political leaders when l got here Akwa Ibom that elections would happen and they need to go and get ready for genuine election since recurring sovereign power of individuals will speak really loud.

” Which there will disappear pre-writing of election results prior to they are kept in the name of individuals. It would appear now that some took my message seriously and others dismissed it since they had other strategies without alternative B or C provided all that we now understand and have actually occurred up until now. We need to keep public trust for the good of all and not betray it in pursuit of vanity.

” The result of the 2019 elections in Akwa Ibom state need to best be evaluated not by the problems or commendations for the loss or triumph of huge or little political leaders however the equality of chance offered all citizens and the decision of individuals.

” My message to all stakeholders is that these elections will reoccur, and after the elections, every organization of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and all the workers that worked need to keep in mind that there is a history book.

” There is a book that the history of these elections would be composed and the function that each of the security firms played will be tape-recorded because book therefore will they be kept in mind.

” I need to likewise state that in the last analysis, there is a high court of history that will sit in judgment on these individuals over the functions that every one people played either in the development of our democracy or the retrogression of our democracy.

” It will reveal whether we were guys of nerve, whether we were guys of sound judgment or whether undoubtedly, provided the chance, that the majority of us that have actually been provided today and individuals in the other organizations, we did the ideal things for our nation.

” For me, the media need to continue to stand high and magnificent in defence of democracy and the guideline of law. Here in Akwa Ibom State, I have actually continued to restate my message to individuals. I have actually come here to serve them and not to be served. I have actually pertained to serve them and I will serve them diligently.

” I have no vote to provide to anyone. I have actually not come here to count cash. I just came here to count tally documents. Those who desire compromise are the ones who are screaming there. I can inform you that.”.