I Used My Natural Hair for a Week and This Is What Took Place


I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. Anybody with kinky, curly hairs comprehends the battle. Nailing the best balance in between volume and curl meaning is a near difficult objective– specifically if you wish to keep your checking account undamaged.
Each week business reveal brand-new items that assure to smooth frizz, lower shrinking, and specify your curls beyond anything you believed possible. And if those items stop working, we rely on weaves and wigs and box braids. Or in my case, relaxers. I have actually been getting my hair chemically aligned because the age of 6.
Just just recently I began to use my natural hair out and about. There’s something releasing about making that huge slice and having the ability to simply use your hair, no retouch or weave-ins needed. However I ‘d be lying if I stated my shoulders didn’t get aching from detangling and twisting my hair back every couple of days.

In the middle of internship applications and task interviews, I have actually likewise been considering how my hair is viewed by the remainder of the world. Would individuals in my life believe my curly hair looks less than professional?
So I used my afro out and about for a week to discover.
Day 1.
I got up brilliant and early Monday early morning to clean my hair. No twists or braids or buns. The very first thing I observed was that my hair was leaking– a lot. I had no concept just how much water my ‘fro can holding! I really walked my house with a towel around my neck up until I left for class.
I heard a great deal of “Oh my gosh you have an afro!” and “Wow, you have actually got a great deal of hair!” from good friends and colleagues. I might see my hair in my peripheral vision. My shadow appeared like it was using a straw hat.
Day 2.
Tuesday early morning, I got up with a flattened afro, however an afro all the exact same. On this day, I discovered that you can utilize a comb as a choice and work real magic. I likewise discovered that there’s something empowering about using up more area worldwide. An individual behind me in class required to lean over a bit to see the PowerPoint over my hair. And it type of felt great.

Day 3.
On Wednesday, my hair was dry and complicated and unusual. The curls weren’t as specified and soft as they utilized to be. Leave-in conditioner didn’t repair it. My comb-pick didn’t repair it. I discovered myself continuously fluffing at my hair, attempting to make it look as round and complete and hydrated as it did on Sunday.
Day 4.
By Thursday, I felt prevented. I began getting tired with my hair and fed up with requiring to choose it out. Truthfully, I practically gave up and put it up in a bun. However at the end of the day, somebody tapped me on the shoulder and stated, “I simply wished to inform you that your curl pattern is what I desire.” It influenced me to keep attempting.
Day 5.

On Friday, I chose to clean my hair once again with conditioner, due to the fact that water solves almost all of my curly hair issues. This time I left the conditioner in my hair and let me inform you: This is a video game changer. Was my hair slippery and type of milky from the conditioner? Yes. Did I require to use a towel around my neck at all times? Definitely. However my hair likewise smelled like flowers and remained hydrated throughout the day. I believe that deserves the trade.
Day 6.
By Saturday, I seemed like I discovered my regimen. I got up, damp my hair with a spray bottle, scrunched in some leave-in conditioner and set about my day. The curls remained undamaged, I didn’t feel drenched and it didn’t use up a big portion of my early morning. Obviously, I experienced the very best hair day on the day I remained within, capturing up on research.

Day 7.
Sunday was my last day of “afro week.” It felt bittersweet. My hair still felt fluffy and soft from all the conditioner I left in 2 days previously. I seemed like my hair and I were lastly on great terms.

Image by Afiya Anyabwile.

From my week-long experiment, I discovered a lot about my hair. Obviously, my hair resembles among those foam dinosaurs that is available in a plastic pill– it fluffs up and looks terrific when damp, however if you let it dry it’ll get all misshapen and dehydrated. I likewise seem like I have a much better understanding of what items work for me (I extremely advise Shea Wetness).
I didn’t experience any of the discrimination that lots of people confront with their natural hair. No one stated I looked messy or attempted to touch my hair without my consent. No one stated anything insensitive or disrespectful.
The action I obtained from other individuals was extremely favorable.
As much as I enjoyed my little experiment, I am not intending on swearing off protective designs and using my ‘fro out for great. I enjoy finger coils and an excellent set of braids as much as the next woman. However it’s great to understand that my natural hair isn’t something I require to conceal.
It belongs of who I am, and I believe it can feel empowering to be that authentically myself and use up area in manner ins which I normally do not.
Curly hair needs attention– both from myself and from other individuals. It demands being seen and valued, and it requires me to be viewed as well.
If I’m ever in requirement of a self-confidence increase, or an excellent arm exercise, I’ll take out the afro.