I Wished to stabilise a neighborhood, inform a female, states Odukoya


By Sam Eyoboka.

WATER FOUNTAIN of Life Church Sunday, February 3 held its very first Discovery for Women rally in 2019 with the style, “New Possibilities” at the church head office in Ilupeju, Lagos where Partner Pastor and partner of the Senior Pastor, Pastor (Mrs.) Nomthi Odukoya, contacted the Nigerian females not to be sidetracked however be concentrated on their future.


The occasion hosted by Pastor Taiwo and Nomthi Odukoya included the music minister, Grace Chinwo, 2012 Nigerian Idols Season 2 winner, who kept the audience on their toes, singing along Jesus You enjoy me excessive oo and O Meka Nnaya, among a number of others.

Mrs. Odukoya, an educationist, life coach and author with enthusiasm for constructing wholesome and integrated domesticity with concentrate on raising Godly and socially accountable kids, drawing motivation from Ecclesiastes 3:1 stressed that to whatever there is a season.

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Attending to a crowd of service females, political leaders, business owners from all strolls of life consisting of the chairperson of First Bank Plc, Mrs. Ibukun Awosika, Handling Director of Eventful, Ms Yewande Zaccheaus, Pastor Tosin Sowemimo, Pastor Omowumi Olugbende of Chartered Christian Global Church to name a few, Pastor (Mrs.) Odukoya stated: “Do not state why were the previous days much better than this days.” According to her, no matter how the previous days were, God has another prepare for them as females, motivating them to constantly put behind them the previous things no matter the situation of life.

” Keep in mind Lot’s Spouse,” she advised them, worrying that when Lot’s partner remembered her oven and other things in her cooking area, she recalled, not understanding what God had actually developed for her in future.

” So as females, when we attempt to bear in mind how our hubbies have actually responded to us in time past such recollections draw us back. For that reason remember it not, for God will do a brand-new thing,” she stated.

Speaking on the vision behind the program in an interview, Senior Pastor Taiwo Odukoya stated: “Generally what we finish with Discovery for Women is to motivate females, advising them of the factor for their production. God stated: ‘Let us make guy in our image, after our similarity; and let them have rule …’ Then when it pertained to the turn of the lady He stated, ‘I will produce you an aid satisfy.’ That is the one that would assist you with all the jobs of your life.

” Therefore God made a female. So what I generally ask my self is that why didn’t God inform the canine or goat to be an aid satisfy to the guy? Why did He need to go back and produce a female for the guy? So a female was produced properly to be the assistance that a male requires to have rule here in the world.

So we find that even the United States today understands that and they are now regarding to females. If you wish to alter the society and stabilise the neighborhood, inform a female due to the fact that they would in turn inform the kids. They would be the ones to stand and support the kids which is why we are offering a great deal of attention to females and assist them the very best that they can be, supporting humankind and making humankind to do what God has actually called us to do in the world.

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What is the focus of this year’s occasion?

This specific rally is tagged; “New Possibilities” due to the fact that life is specified by ups and downs, and generally when you get to the drops, there is propensity for you to get stuck. You do not need to get stuck. You can have a constant circulation in Jesus’ name. So we wish to motivate individuals in obstacles, dissatisfactions and things not determining up as prepared, generally truncate a great deal of individuals’s dreams and drive for the future. We do not desire that taking place to our females, so we can suffer some obstacles and after that get up once again to go. So we motivate and equip them properly for all scenarios.

So at the end of this program, what type of females are you anticipating to see?

We are anticipating to see females that would have the ability to rise above the obstacles of the minute; females who not simply rise above the obstacles however likewise bring the kids and neighborhood along. I wish to provide an example of Rwanda. Throughout the genocide because nation, it was the females that rallied round to state no: we are going to take our nation back.

And for the very first time, we had a National Assembly that is controlled by females. And today, talk of advancement and development in Africa; you wish to indicate Rwanda. That does not indicate that they are much better than males however that is what they are produced for– completing where there are gabs; assist the guy to understand his stand once again and to proceed therefore the guy goes combating while the females assist to stabilise him. So the lady is required.

So what Nigeria needs to do at the minute is to return and inform our individuals and in the North especially, the females otherwise the treacherous times in the North will continue. So we have the issue of education and we require to inform our females.

For instance, take a look at all the locations that Boko Haram has actually been assaulting, the males go to battle and they are dead and gone and after that the females are entrusted to the kids and they are the ones that stick with them at the refugee camps.

So we wish to protect posterity. We wish to forecast into the future; we wish to establish an innovative mind in the lady. I am of the view that every lady must be informed and empowered. Every lady must have the ability to wait herself and for herself prior to even getting wed. So when she is available in, she is available in sending to her hubby– the 2 are one and after that they have a powerful front therefore you can picture the future of their items and kids. Unlike now in many parts of Nigeria, the females are so quiet therefore you load them as sardine and all they do is to make kids. However when a female is informed, she would understand that she is not an infant device. So you will not inform a female to go and bring to life 12 kids. She has her life and her future. So these are the example that we teach them.

Grab yours from the Bible viewpoint. I have examples I can provide you from the Bible. Deborah: When the country had actually lost instructions totally, Deborah stood and started to grab management. So we can see why God stated that guy requires an assistant and guy truly requires an assistant. And guy truly requires a female that would wait him constantly.

Do you have comparable programs for males?

Yes, we have Discovery for Guys. Our very first rally must be on March17 So, we run the 2 side by side and we have actually been running these programs for about 20 years. So we speak with the males too. As a matter of truth we are taking the Discovery for Guys in chapters. We have 2 rallies in the church and after that we are taking it to the neighborhood to motivate our males who are currently soaked to start to rise. Guy require to be motivated due to the fact that males are quickly dissuaded even far more than females.

What should be the functions of females in country structure?

One, when your houses are steady, your country would be steady; when your houses are not steady, then you are searching for difficulty, and we would raise kids who are vagabonds. God forbid! And after that there is no future due to the fact that our kids are our future. So the females should be geared up to raise them. Yes I have an interest in my kids. I stick with them, I manage what they do, however far more, my partner. I might keep in mind when our kids were maturing, some were trained here and some abroad. I’ll call them when a week, however my partner of blessed memory will call them every day; so, the majority of the important things I do not understand about them she understood whatever. So we should inform and empower the females due to the fact that the lady who is not informed can just take a kid as far as she has. So why do not we inform the females.

What educated your interest in females course?

Initially, it is a motivation, and second of all, I saw the method my daddy managed my mom. They didn’t have much, they were not likewise extremely informed however they had the ability to match each other. My mom was such a strong lady, she put her hand into whatever that might produce sustainability, while my daddy went to work. And I simply believed what if their levels were much better? What if the 2 were much better informed? So I comprised my mind that I will do my finest to empower females. That is why if you might remember my late partner, not just was she empowered, she likewise empowered others, even my present partner, is doing comparable things and my child. So we have rather a variety of strong females in the church. I enjoy to see strong females.

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What function is the church playing in guaranteeing that federal government does what they require to do to empower females?

Well, we do our finest in the sense that we promote our programs and we work together with federal government where it is possible. For instance, we have the Pastor Bimbo Odukoya Structure (PBOF), where we connect to girls that are damaged and mistreated and we work together with the federal government and in truth they send out the majority of the kids to us from Alausa. The Court will send them here and apart from that we have Water fountain Effort, and the last program we did was a training of females in service and rather a variety of females came and even university speakers. So we are doing as much as we can to work together with federal government.

And another thing we do; kids under the bridge, males and females, we provide the chance to come to us and we clean them up, speak with them and they get to comprehend and we attempt to unify them with their houses and where we can’t, we put them in schools and a variety of them are graduates today, incredibly. Even UNESCO is available in to deal with us through the Lagos State Federal Government. So we do the very best we can and obviously we go to the jails. Both the males and females, supplying advocacy and motivating them to understand that all hope is not lost remaining in jail and when they come out, a few of them return here and we put them through occupation training and get them back on their feet. So we work together with Federal government as much as possible.

What is your view about politics today?

Politics today is great in the sense that, a minimum of, we are getting more individuals interested, the youths and females are getting interested and they might not make marks now however the interest is constructing. So I think we remain in the favorable instructions by God’s grace.

Another thing though is that we require to wish our political leaders and pray likewise that there would be unity in Nigeria; and it does not matter who arrives, the worry of God, primary, the love of the brethren must stay in them. If we do not see these 2 qualities in a male, then they are not certified to rule us. And the celebrations are unimportant.