Impact Makers and Designers Accelerator Program 2019 in South Africa


Due Date: April 1,2019

Do you have an existing social or creative service or a wonderful principle for one? Acquire the Impact Makers and Designers Accelerator Program 2019 in South Africa Impact Makers and Designers is a totally moneyed, three-month organisation accelerator for ideation-and-growth-stage social and creative entrepreneur.
The program will support entrepreneur to establish their organisations, make their impact sustainable and reach bigger communities and receivers through their work. Impact Makers and Designers will handle 120 Ideation-and Growth-Stage social and creative entrepreneur in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
Program Details.
The learning program consists of 6 modules and 8x total and necessary understanding days. A coach will be designated to each trainee. Each person will get 3x on-on-one mentorship sessions. At the end of the program the 10 finest service will be selected in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. These creative social service will then be invited to pitch their service to impact investors at a pitching event hosted at the end of the year.
Understanding program:.
Ideation Phase Program: Establishing an Ingenious Social Organisation.

Winding up being an ingenious social company owner. What adjustment do you want to make in your community and country? (2 days).

Self-leadership and strength (2 days).
From principle to organisation style and Practical Product (1 day).
Costs and revenues (1 day).
Marketing (1 day).
Pitching and selling (1 day).

Advancement Phase Program: Growing an Ingenious Social Organisation.

Where creative fulfills social: Making beneficial impact in your community and country through your creative service. (1 day).
Leading self, leading groups and leading your service (3 days).
Method and organisation style (1 day).
Advanced marketing (1 day).
Monetary management & getting funding ready (1 day).
Pitching and selling (1 day).

Impact Makers and Designers utilizes social creative entrepreneur:.

A finding program by around the world social service professionals.
High impact organisation development support.
Comprehensive training from efficient creative entrepreneur.
Funding readiness.
Opportunities for access to market.

Open to creative social entrepreneur who live in Johannesburg and Cape Town and are enjoyed take their idea/growing service to the next level.
Click this link to utilize.

For more information, go to Impact Makers and Developers Accelerator.


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