Insufficiencies in democracy motivated me to propose tradocracy– Odion


By Osa Amadi-Mbonu.

In this interview, Odion Obumese, author of “Tradocracy: An option and much better system of federal government to democracy” describes his inspirations for the proposition:.

• Odion Obumese.

What inspired you to recommend this brand-new system of federal government you call tradocracy?

I recommended Tradocracy since of the insufficiencies of democracy noticeable in its structures and organizations. Permitting just one occupation– the law occupation– to act as the only arm of federal government in exemption of other occupations– is among such insufficiencies. Another defect of democracy is the prohibiting of a majority of the population from finishing for political positions since of the substantial quantity of cash a prospect requires to object to election.

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Was that why you established a 4th arm of federal government you called ‘researchure’ along with other 3 existing arms?

Yes, researchure is a brand-new arm of federal government that will bring equity and equality to all occupations. In truth and in practice in many democracies, the Chief Justice of the Federation is concerned in federal government as the 4th or 5th most effective guy in a nation simply by being a legal specialist. The Attorney-General likewise has the exact same power as the Chief Justice. This plan rejects all other occupations that likewise contribute meaningfully to the service of a country. So the researchure was established to attend to that inequality. The researchure arm is a body of experts omitting the law occupation since law occupation comes from the judiciary arm.

In your book you proposed that participants in elections will not be charged cash. How is election and electoral procedure going to be run without cash?

The primary factor for election is to pick qualified and capable leaders that will rule over the affairs of individuals of a country. These leaders that will be chosen need to comprehend the standard components of governance, for instance, concerns of economy, advancement and well-being. They likewise require to welcome developments for the function of innovation. Putting a tag of cash to electoral competitors just chooses the abundant and middle class, prohibiting significant population that might have qualified people from completing for political positions.

Sovereign electoral commission will create profits from electoral tax or levies to run election and electoral procedures. It will likewise have its own centers and media homes, both print and electronic devices. All prospects will utilize these centers complimentary for function of project. Electoral registration forms will be offered complimentary to interested prospects.

What will be the function of this researchure, and how will the members be chosen?

4 members will represent each occupation– the health occupation, engineering, arts, and so on, for instance. Prospects objecting to for health positions in your house of researchure will just be elected by health experts, and all other occupations follow the exact same pattern of ballot. Researchurers agents of your house of researchure are sent out to firms of their own occupations for research study and imagination and likewise to keep track of everyday activities of the facility and the work procedures. The researchurer makes a note of his findings and approach of work procedures consisting of research study patterns and take the review to home of researchure for approval.

When authorized by the home of researchure, it will be binding on the facility to which the researchures were sent out. This action will produce fast financial development and commercial advancement. Researchurers will invest 3 weeks on the field and a week in your house of researchure for consideration and approval of findings.

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In your book, you discussed the parliamentary police, researchure police and judicial police. Could you please discuss what they are?

For arms of federal government to have complete separation of powers they need to have independent police. This will avoid supremacy of one arm of federal government over the other. All arms of federal government need to likewise be economically independent. Heads of police for arms of federal government will be selected by heads of each arm of federal government. For instance, the President of Senate will select commissioner of parliamentary cops. National Police has no function or jurisdiction with other arms of federal government since nationwide or state cops is under the control of the executive.

Finally, in your book, you spoke about the power of the President and National Onogie. What is that?

The President will be the head of federal government and Commander-in-Chief of the Army, while the National Onogie (National Leader) will be 2nd in command to the president. Both the President and the National Onogie will sign all costs from Parliament into law. The National Onogie will be chosen from and by arm of the legislature, and she or he will have executive required.

The National Onogie will manage standard ministries like ministries of arts and culture, farming, health, and cops affairs. However all other ministries will be managed by the president consisting of the treasury department and Reserve bank. Just the President can produce brand-new ministries.