Interconnectivity financial obligation: NCC promises to secure telecom customer from service interruption


Abuja– The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has actually assured the over 174 million telecoms customers of their security from service interruption following the sticking around interconnectivity financial obligation.

The Executive Vice Chairman (EVC) of NCC, Prof. Umar Danbatta, provided the guarantees on Thursday in Abuja.

In a declaration offered to newsmen by Mr Henry Nkemadu, the Commission’s Director, Public Affairs, Danbatta stated NCC has actually taken regulative intervention towards solving the increasing interconnectivity financial obligations amongst telecoms operators resulting to service distruption.

He advised debtor operators to settle adjoin financial obligations owed their lender networks without additional hold-up to avoid possible income drop and consumer flight from their networks to rivals.

The NCC manager stated, as a consumer-centric telecoms regulative authority, the NCC likes guaranteeing that the customers continue to take pleasure in undisturbed service while efforts are being made to attend to the problem of insolvency in the market.

Danbatta mentioned that the problem of affiliation is a matter being managed “delicately within the province of the regulative arrangements to secure customers by guaranteeing that their quality of experience (QoE) is not acutely impacted”.

He remembered that regulative approval on consent for disconnection was given to lender networks late in 2015, as a last option towards solving the substantial affiliation financial obligations threatening the health and sustainability of the market.

Particularly, he remembered that the Commission approved approval to MTN’s demand to detach debtor networks from its network in line with Area 100 of the Nigerian Communications Act (NCA)2003

He, nevertheless, kept in mind that, “what is occurring now is that the lender networks are limiting particular services to their debtor networks in kind of one-way disconnection.

” It is one-way disconnection since, as a Regulator, we avoided overall disconnection; refraining from doing that would be irritating for the customers.

” So, we have actually made sure that customers on the impacted debtor networks have the ability to get calls and text from lender networks.

” This implies they may not have the ability to make smooth calls or send out text to the lender’s network at all times since of constraint of access to debtor networks, pending when satisfying payment strategies are reached with regard to the Interconnect insolvency.

” This is to avoid additional build-up of adjoin financial obligation by the debtor networks,” he stated.

Danbatta, resented the sluggish rate at reaching settlement over indisputable adjoin costs amongst the impacted operators.

He stated with over 90 percent of pre-paid clients on mobile networks, “operators have no factor not to be settling their affiliation costs as and when due.”.

He encouraged Customers experiencing such trouble in reaching particular networks to utilize alternative lines keeping in mind that Nigeria is a multi-SIMing telecoms market.

” You will remember that in the Pre-Disconnection Notification provided in 2015 on December 18, 2018, we provided another duration of in between 10-21 days for the debtors (depending upon whether they are service networks or exchange operators) to pay, so as not to lose their affiliation rights.

” We had actually anticipated that as accountable organisation entities, the debtor business will either pay up or concur satisfying payment strategies with their financial institutions.

” However it appears no acceptable settlements strategies have actually been reached after the expiration of the due date, causing the lender’s choice to go on with the execution of the one-way disconnection, as allowed by the NCA Act 2003, which is what some customers are presently experiencing,” he stated.

Danbatta, while ensuring the Nigerians and telecoms customers that the problem would quickly be solved, revealed the dedication of the Commission to make sure reprieve comes the method of the customers quickly.

” As regulator, our main function is to secure the customers and make sure sustainability of the telecom market.

” We do this through developing a level-playing field for all the licensees such that no operator is enabled to weaken the operations of another licensee in such a way that can adversely influencing on the health of the market.

” The NCC is on top of the circumstance to make sure procedures are taken as quickly as possible to attend to the issues of the impacted telecoms customers.

” Enabling adjoin financial obligations amongst licensees to build up without guaranteeing settlement threatens for our market and for the telecoms customers,” he stated.

The NCC manager attracted telecoms customers for their understanding as the commission dealt with operators to fix the matter. (NAN).



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