International Center on Change (GCA) Young Leaders Program 2019/2020



Due Date: August 25,2019

Are you thinking of finding more about the around the world environment change program? Make an application for the Global Center on Change (GCA) Young Leaders Program 2019/2020

The International Center on Change actively supports students and young professionals to wind up being leaders in environment modification change. As part of their devotion to build on, boost, and offer development environment change services, they have really established 2 hard programs for university graduates and young professionals, who are devoted to make a difference: the Young Leaders Program and the 20/20 Change Professionals Program.

About the Young Leaders Program.

The International Center on Change offers internships through its Young Leaders Program. Young Leaders handle their group on issues surrounding a new around the world environment change program. Interns contribute to GCA’s policy, advocacy, and research study efforts that help societies throughout the world wind up being more resistant to climate-related dangers.

The internship happens in the Netherlands at the homes of the Global Center on Change, in Rotterdam and/or in Groningen. For a period of 4 months, Young Leaders work separately and with a group of specialists on numerous jobs in an around the world and diverse environment.


The International Center on Change uses a routine month-to-month settlement, found out by interns’ country of home. Travel expenses linked to program activities are compensated, aside from to and from The Netherlands.
Interns are completely liable for their own living costs such as accommodations, medical insurance coverage and visa, if proper.


Open to all potential customers currently signed up in a graduate program from a series of fields in the social sciences, sciences and sustainability.
Prospects require to have a bachelor’s degree.
Be signed up in a graduate research study program (pursuing a Master’s or PhD) or have really completed within 6 months of application.
Have a strong understanding of international development and environment modification change issues.
Have proven management capability.
Excel in English. Additional understanding of other languages such as Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese is more suitable.


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For more information, see GCA Young Leaders Program.


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