International Green Gown Awards 2019 for Universities and Colleges


Due Date: March 29,2019

Applications are invited for the International Green Gown Awards 2019 They are looking for motivating sustainability leaders. Recognizing amazing sustainability efforts being performed by the world’s universities and colleges, the International Green Gown Awards set the bar and put every understanding company at the heart of supplying the UN Global Goals.
The concepts of the Green Gown Awards is to ensure the lessons and example of outstanding practice are shared and will put universities and colleges as leaders in sustainability together with having the capability to continue their understanding from global leaders. The International Green Gown Awards are administered by EAUC.
The award categories are:.

Sustainability Company of the Year.
Benefiting Society.
Student Engagement.

Getting an International Green Gown Award will not simply motivate your group, management and students nevertheless it will inspire others in the sector to do more and opens to new opportunities:.

Acknowledging your group’s efforts– engage your workers and students.
Raising your profile and show your sustainability quality by ways of celebrations, case research study studies and videos.
Helping to get recommendation from senior management.
Getting regional and worldwide recommendation.
Joining a network of amazing companies with year-long promotion for your company.

Winning an International Green Gown Award will bring considerable awareness and beneficial press to not simply your company as a whole nevertheless similarly to the profile of sustainability within it.

The Awards are readily available to any university or college throughout the world;(***************)
There is no constraint on the range of applications or categories each company can get in.

Download the application.
Please send your submission, by email, to [email protected] by 12 twelve midday GMT on March 29,2019 You must similarly send your company logo style and an image in high resolution, print quality– a minimum of 300 dpi.

To get more information, have a look at International Green Gown Awards.