International Landscapes Online Online Forum (GLF) 2019 Youth Rivals– Win a fully-funded journey to Kyoto, Japan!


Due Date: March 31,2019

The International Landscapes Online Online Forum (GLF) is looking for outstanding youths to join them at the GLF environment event of the year. Are you in between 18 and 35 and delighted to actively contribute to a historic around the world conversation on environment action? GLF and the Youth in Landscapes Effort are looking for youths from all over the world to register with GLF Kyoto2019
The event utilizes a possibility to analyze the present science, present new efforts and pitch innovative principles for landscapes-based environment action. Sessions will link U.N. environment policy treatments to authentic action at the landscape level, taking a look at reliable landscape approaches that support the fight versus environment adjustment and ease challenge for the most vulnerable. Join more than 350 people, together with a worldwide online audience in the thousands, for a fascinating day of vibrant discussion, knowledge-sharing and advancement at GLF Kyoto2019
About the Program.
Link, share, find and act in Kyoto, Japan, with the International Landscapes Online Online Forum (GLF), the world’s greatest knowledge-based, multi-sector platform for sustainable landscapes. In accelerating action towards establishing landscapes that are effective, growing, reasonable and resistant, the GLF is establishing its reach to 1 billion people throughout the world. Together, through cumulative management, it will establish a force for beneficial adjustment by acknowledging a vision of what can be achieved by a worldwide community communicating.

GLF Kyoto will focus on sustainable landscapes as an essential part of the environment choice. Organized back-to-back with the 49 th session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Environment Adjustment, introducing its new technique report to tweak existing greenhouse gas emissions stock requirements, the event will integrate professionals from scholastic neighborhood, policy and practice in Kyoto, incorporated with a huge digital outreach including online discussion online forums and video messages all over the world in numerous time zones. The event will cover helpful and instantaneous actions for a climate-smart future, such as adjustments in trade, food production, monetary investments, lifestyle and diet strategy.

Be a Speaker: Use to win an all-expenses paid journey to Kyoto.
Have at least 2 years experience being connected with environment action activities, including repair work, helping in land-based monetary investment, protecting rights, food and dietary security.
Want sharing your story.

Participate: Use to get complimentary entranceway to the event.
They’re looking for outstanding students or young professionals.
Be devoted to bringing beneficial adjustment to the world.


Bear in mind– By utilizing as speaker, you will need to share the link to a video revealing your public speaking abilities, or notify us how you are handling the environment barrier in a 60 second video.
Bear in mind– By utilizing as audience, the only expenditure GLF will cover to chosen potential customers will be the registration expense to GLF Kyoto2019

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For extra info, go to GLF Event.


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