International Rivals Network (ICN/World Bank Group 2018/2019 Rivals Advocacy Contest.


Application Due Date: January 18 th, 2019 (11 h59 pm, Washington D.C. time).
The International Rivals Network (ICN) and the World Bank Group enjoy to expose the launch of the2018– 2019 Rivals Advocacy Contest This contest means to highlight the vital function rivals companies, sector regulators and other governmental bodies or non-governmental business play in promoting rivals by showcasing their advocacy success stories.
As defined by the ICN, rivals advocacy explains activities that.promote a competitive environment through non-enforcement systems,. such as establishing relationships with federal government entities, increasing.public awareness of rivals’s benefits and acknowledging and getting rid of.anticompetitive policies and standards.

World Bank/ICN are searching for success stories from rivals companies, other public bodies or civil society that reveal the concrete results of rivals advocacy connecting to:.
Design 1: Understanding the effects of rivals policy on challenge and inequality in both developing and developed countries.
Design 2: Promoting rivals as a tool to the fight versus corruption and for a comparable playing field among public and individual players.
Design 3: Engaging with public and individual stakeholders to better comprehend rivals barriers placed by fast modifying market attributes.
Design 4: Promoting competitive digital centers, digital funding and digital platforms.
Option Requirements.
Submissions will go through a comprehensive examination of the list below requirements:.

Significance of the rivals issue handled by the effort;(**********************)
Success of the advocacy activity– results achieved;(**********************)
Result and influence on markets, spillover effects and lessons found;(**********************)
Advocacy technique– creativity and imagination, cooperation systems launched.

An independent panel will assess the submissions and pick the leading stories.
Winning.candidates will be invited to offer their stories at a joint.ICN-World Bank Group event, and winning stories will be consisted of in an.ICN-World Bank Group Publication.
Winners and reputable mention will be exposed by March 31 th,2019
How to Utilize:.
Rivals companies, sector regulators and other federal government and.non-government business promoting rivals policy are welcome to.use.
If you are a federal government body or non-governmental. business that is not a member of the ICN, you should link to.the ICN member in your jurisdiction to inform about your unbiased to.take part in the contest. A list of all ICN members is used here Joint submissions from governmental bodies or non-governmental business are inspired.
Sent stories require to include:.

The rivals issue under examination;(**********************)
The technique used to fix the rivals issue;(**********************)
The main messages and tips interacted by the activity;(**********************)
The results of the effort;(**********************)
The genuine or expected socioeconomic impacts of the effort.

Stories sent out to previous editions of the contest that were not approved are gotten approved for resubmission.
Please connect with Guilherme de Aguiar Falco with any issues at
The due date for submissions is January 18 th, 2019 (11 h59 pm, Washington D.C. time).
For More Information: Go To the Authorities Websites of the ICN/World Bank Group 2018/2019 Rivals Advocacy Contest.



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