It’s Terrific to Be a Florida Gator– Particularly at a Football Video Game


Gator football: 2 words to most, however a way of life for some. When September flies around it is my outright preferred season. I have actually seen them use tv given that as long as I can keep in mind.

Now as a trainee, I really get to remain in The Swamp.

That took whatever I enjoyed on tv and changed it into something I never ever anticipated.

I understood UF had the greatest fanbase and biggest home-field benefit in the SEC. I searched for the customs ahead of time. From singing “We are the Boys” to the legend of Mr. 2 Bits, I was delighted for my very first Gator video game. I believed I understood precisely what I would stroll into.

Kid, was I incorrect.

First came the tailgate. To my left I frat young boys did keg stands. To my right I trainees played beer pong. My pals and I started to make brand-new pals. At this moment, I got respectable at stating no to young boys providing me beverages to remain on the mindful side. And rather truthfully, I ‘d been waiting on my very first Gator video game for 14 years. I was not ready to let alcohol destroy it for me.

We lastly started strolling down University Ave. to the video game. Thank the Lord it was a night video game; it was likewise among the most popular days in Gainesville in a while. We made our method through evictions with our row 2 tickets in hand.

We went directly to the beverage line since I likewise found out to constantly state yes to the totally free cup of ice!

We pressed through the crowd, revealed security our tickets to enter our area and lastly saw it: the blur of orange and blue spread amongst 90,000 individuals, the brilliant green field, the crowd’s uncertain chatter.

We ultimately brushed through everybody to discover seats and for some incredible factor individuals in front of us never ever appeared, offering us the front row.

Image by Nicole RogersThe opposing group, Charleston Southern University, set foot on our field. Everybody booed. However then it came time. The spirit team brought out brilliant orange and blue flags and our group followed. The crowd exploded. Everybody on their feet shouted with one objective in mind: a win.

It struck 7: 30 and everybody began shrieking an “O” and after that when his foot touched the ball shouted “WHO.”.

It was the very best sensation. Inexpressible. You can not check out it. You can not prepare yourself for it. You simply need to experience it. And what an experience it was. You can feel it in your bones. The adventure. The enjoyment. The mayhem.

In the late 2nd quarter, we were winning. Everybody began shouting, “It’s terrific to be a Florida Gator.” You have actually shouted it in your high school and perhaps even intermediate school with whatever mascot. However absolutely nothing comes close to comparing to this chant in The Swamp. Everybody “munches:” right-hand man over left, up and down, over and over.

Halftime occurred and the band submitted out. I enjoyed their developments however truthfully was so all set for the video game to resume. I simply desired that win. So bad. All of us did.

After the 3rd quarter we, naturally, got the individual on our left and right and swayed singing “We are the Boys.”.

Then came my preferred part.

Last season Tom Petty passed away. Right after his death, UF had a house video game. Everybody sang among his most well-known tunes “Will not Pull back” while switching on their phone flashlights and swaying them backward and forward. Nobody understood that day, however that ended up being a custom. Every video game after that after the 3rd quarter, we sing. That is among my preferred tunes and it was among the very best things I have actually ever been blessed to experience.

Image by Nicole RogersTOUCHDOWN.

The Swamp’s explosive energy resembles no other. Everybody leaps in the air, shrieking for our fresh 6 points on the scoreboard, wishing that additional point or two-point conversion.

If there is anything I have actually found out about the overload it’s that if you’re not a Gator, you’re gator bait.

We will make it understood to you that you remain in our this advertisement.

Just recently, I went to the LSU video game. I ‘d been utilized to a great deal of the arena leaving after the 3rd quarter to prevent traffic or to simply leave the heat, however that was not the case for this video game. LSU was ranked 5th in the AP Top 25 list, while UF was 22 nd. They were expected to squash us– up till the two-minute mark.

Nobody left the field.

All of us rested on the edge of our seats. Who am I joking? We almost rested on the edge of the field.

And easily, the gamers scored a Hail Mary. Felipe Franks tossed the ball and the crowd went quiet.

Our pass receiver leapt in the air, got the ball and landed about a foot far from what would have been a goal. The crowd blew up. Everybody jumped in the air and hugged whoever sat beside them, whether they understood them or not. High fives, fist bumps and magnificence flew throughout the arena.

That “nearly” goal just made the spirit in the overload that better.

They were so near to a win. Now all of it boiled down to this play. We arena silenced once again. All of us desired this. Rather truthfully, all of us required it. Unless you bled orange and blue prior to the video game, you most likely wager your cash on LSU. We wished to reveal our worth and reveal the world that questioned our group.

Envision viewing a video in sluggish movement, frame by frame. That is how all of us enjoyed the next play. We enjoyed the ball leave Franks hand, fly right above the word “Gators” and into the hand of our triumphant Gators. Some individuals cleaned tears from their eyes and others leapt up and down out of pure delight.

I will keep in mind that minute for the rest of my life.

Those Tigers could not have actually seen it coming.

Image by Nicole Rogers.


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