Jesus’ crucifixion became his crowning


By Femi AribisalaPull Quote: Are we kings who work out rule over sin? Or are we kings who just rule over guys?

They were anticipating a going to President from another kingdom. The streets were lined with individuals. School kids were all over, holding and waving flags. The roadways were entirely cleared of all lorries.

Individuals bring a male on a cross throughout a dramatisation of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ to mark Great Friday, declaring the start of Easter events, in Lagos on March 30,2018 Nigerian Christian faithful have actually signed up with others worldwide as they begin to commemorate the Easter celebration as armed outlaws eliminated 6 miners in northern Nigeria’s Kaduna state, cops stated, a location besieged with ethnic and spiritual stress with regular clashes in between farmers and herders./ AFP PICTURE/.

Then all of a sudden there appeared a raggedy-looking male, riding a bike. “Leave the roadway,” they mocked. “Clear off. Foolish moron, what are you doing there?” Little did they understand the male they were abusing was the checking out President.

” Inform the child of Zion, ‘Behold, your King is pertaining to you, lowly, and resting on a donkey, a colt, the foal of a donkey.'”( Matthew 21:5).

A shepherd-king.

Jesus was plainly not the individual they were anticipating. They were accustomed to the pomp and scenario of other “kings.” They had actually seen Pastor Patrick Anwuzia of Zoe Ministries Worldwide in his cortege of automobiles with licence-plates Zoe 1, Zoe 2, Zoe 3.

They had actually seen Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, with his train of Land Cruisers zooming around the streets of Lagos. They had actually seen Pastor Paul Adefarasin, with his terrifying body-guards and retinue of escort-cars. However they did not understand what to make from this “pretender” from Nazareth.

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This king does not drive around in a Porsche. He does not have chariots and horses. On the contrary, he is a lowly king who begins a donkey. He was born in a manger. He works as a carpenter. He is not a university graduate. He has actually not been to the doctrinal academy. However there is something outlining this “unimportant” king. This king is a shepherd.

Matthew remembers Micah’s olden prediction: “However you, Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, are not the least amongst the rulers of Judah; for out of you will come a Ruler who will shepherd my individuals Israel.” ( Matthew 2:6). Jesus is the ruler who will shepherd. However he is a various kind of ruler and a various kind of shepherd.

David was ruler of physical Israel: Jesus is ruler of spiritual Israel. David was ruler of a kingdom of this world: Jesus is ruler of the kingdom of God. David was a shepherd of sheep: Jesus is the shepherd of children of God.

David himself captured the discovery of Jesus the Messiah when he composed his most popular psalm. He stated: “The LORD is my shepherd.” ( Psalm 23:1). That equates today to imply; “The Lord is my pastor.” However if you have the audacity to inform your pastor today that the Lord Jesus is your pastor, I can guarantee you he will not take kindly to it.

A pauper-king.

Jesus got in the world in a household so bad Mary needed to use 2 turtledoves, instead of the needed lamb, as the sacrifice for her filtration. ( Leviticus 12:8; Luke 2: 24). He matured in a little non-descript town of Nazareth far from the seat of political power. He resided in obscurity as a carpenter for thirty years.

Lastly, he inaugurated his ministry on a riverbank and, for just 3 years afterwards, criss-crossed the dirty roadways of Palestine, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God. Jesus states: “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, however the Child of Guy has no place to lay His head.” ( Matthew 8: 20).

Jesus raised no army and looked for no earthly position of authority. He eventually humbled himself by accepting death at the hands of wicked guys who, like Herod, saw him as a risk to their position and power. And yet, through all of it, Jesus is the real king. Certainly, he is the King of kings. However the external display screen of pomp and pageantry is not important to his stature as king. Rather, he establishes an entire brand-new set of worths, announcing that it remains in these we are to discover real fulfilment.

In impact, Jesus forces an option. We can either see rule in regards to outdoors splendour and power, or we can concentrate on self-control to identify the inner core of success. It is very important for us to see in Jesus’ humbleness and self-abnegation the secret to real success and splendor. The follower must look for the inner liberty that specifies rule over the shackles of sin. It is this inner flexibility and power that was displayed by Jesus.

Unstoppable king.

Jesus remained in complete control of himself. He showed his kingship by revealing he has authority over the worst of male’s opponents- himself. Jesus worked out outright flexibility from within. Power without self-discipline is no power at all. A real king should have the power to modest himself; to send to God and to quit his rights in obedience to God’s rules.

Jesus showed such overall liberty of the spirit that he tackled doing great. Individuals tried to find all type of methods to stop him. The devil kept sending out individuals to attempt and hamper him. When he sent out Peter to deter him from the cross, Jesus stated: “Get thee behind me Satan.” Some argued it is not legal to be great on the Sabbath. However Jesus insisted it is legal to do great every day of the week.

In the end they chose to eliminate him. They believed a minimum of when he is dead and buried; he would no longer have the ability to do anybody any great. However that was a huge error. His crucifixion ended up being his crowning. When they eliminated him, he increased from the dead, never ever to pass away once again. Consequently, he showed that even death can not hamper the goodness of God.

King of kings.

On his resurrection, Jesus commissioned his disciples to preach the gospel of the kingdom of God all over the world. Nevertheless, it was comprehended they would do this in the exact same pattern he developed. They would not enter pomp or high-end. They were not to drive about in Jeeps and Pathfinders or reside in the very best hotels.

Rather, they would opt for Jesus’ beatitudes boldly composed on their hearts and live amongst their fellowmen humbly and as servants. Jesus states: “Whoever desires to be very first amongst you, let him be your servant- simply as the Child of Guy did not become served, however to serve, and to provide His life a ransom for lots of.” ( Matthew 20: 27-28).

How extremely various this is from the life that kings and mega-pastors of the world lead. Jesus states: “A disciple is not above his instructor, nor a servant above his master. It suffices for a disciple that he resemble his instructor, and a servant like his master.” ( Matthew 10: 24-25).


Jesus’ example does not need Enoch Adeboye’s “Millionaire’s Club.” Neither does it advise David Oyedepo’s jet-planes. However, pastors like Jesse Duplantis now firmly insist Jesus’ lowly donkey is today’s equivalent of a Lincoln-Continental.

Are Christians kings like Jesus? Or are we kings like Herod and our mega-pastors? Are we kings who work out rule over sin? Or are we kings who just rule over guys? Are we kings in control of ourselves? Or are we phony kings ruled by our personality? Are we puppet-kings under the yoke of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and other devils?

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Jesus states: “Behold, I am coming rapidly! Hang on what you have, that nobody might take your crown.” ( Discovery 3: 11).



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