Johnson & & & & Johnson Africa Advancement Barrier 2.0 for attractive consumer healthcare services (USD $50,000 in Funding)


Application Due Date: January 16,2019
Johnson & Johnson today launched th e Champions of Science Africa Advancement Barrier 2.0, the second continent-wide rivals connecting with African innovators to send out ideas for innovative developments, products and services that have the potential to establish beneficial impact for African communities. The barrier focuses on identifying scalable and sustainable services to 6 considerable health and environmental problems for Africa’s population.
Throughout Africa, we are wishing to drive entrepreneurship and help advance appealing health care services. Chosen prospects will get moneying around United States $50,000 and technical mentoring from a few of the brightest minds at Johnson & Johnson to help bring their idea to life and establish considerable adjustment in their area or country.

Connecting with African Entrpreneurs to Send Out Principles in 6 Categories: Mental Health, Client Item Product Packaging, Botanical Solutions, Health Worker Support, Digital Health Tools and Important Surgical Treatment.
Winning Africa-based innovators and start-ups eligible for mentorship and US$50,000 in sponsorship and resources to help bring their ideas to market.

With 6 new service categories, Africa Advancement Barrier 2.0 represents an exceptional possibility for the location’s growing area of innovators to show creativities with the capability for broad social impact.
The Africa Advancement Barrier 2.0 is established to handle the crucial unmet requirements of the continent and local communities in Africa while providing support to Africa-based entrepreneur in producing innovative health care service or product. Among the option requirements, entries need to reveal the capability for scale from proof of concept stage to lasting sustainability. Barrier people with the absolute best services will get around US$50,000 in funding and mentorship from the around the world network of scientists, engineers and business managers within the Johnson & Johnson Home of Company to bring new services forward.

Barrier submissions may originate from throughout Africa, and from a number of individuals, groups or organisation; based upon particular eligibility requirements set out in the terms for the barrier. The sent out health care services will be taken a look at based upon their ability to please the list below requirements:.
1) Principle submission addresses a minimum of amongst the 6 barrier categories.2) Principle submission is innovative and creative.3) Principle submission is scalable.4) Principle submission sets out how the award would help the prospect( s) reach a crucial juncture within the timeframe of a single year and uses a total commercialization method.
How to Utilize:.

To utilize to the Barrier and take a look at the appropriate terms, please go to the Africa Advancement Barrier website.
The due date to send out applications is January 16,2019
Neither Johnson & Johnson nor any of its organisation is authorized any rights to prospect ideas as a result of their participation in the Barrier.
Candidates and winners remain completely complimentary to continue the more improvement of their ideas on their own. Award receivers will be exposed in Spring2019

For More Information:.
See the Authorities Site of the Johnson & Johnson Africa Advancement Barrier2018



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