Johnson & & & & Johnson Africa Advancement Challenge 2019 (as much as $50,000)


Due Date: January 16,2019

Applications for the Johnson & Johnson Africa Advancement Challenge 2019 are now open. Throughout Africa, Johnson & Johnson are looking for to drive entrepreneurship and help advance appealing health care choices.
The second continent-wide rivals contacts African innovators to send out ideas for innovative developments, products and choices that have the possible to produce beneficial result for African communities. The problem focuses on identifying scalable and sustainable choices to 6 considerable health and eco-friendly problems for Africa’s population.

Botanical Solutions: They are searching for naturally-derived, plant-based choices that utilize basic understanding and offer consumer health and health benefits through topical application;(**************)

Item Product Packaging Advancements: They are searching for sustainable advancements for item packaging of single dose systems and other economical product sizes that will reduce or eliminate waste, while protecting the product;(**************)

Mental Health: They are searching for advancements that produce awareness for mental illness as a public health problem and offer choices for customers, caretakers, and their communities to address these issues.; and.

Needed Surgical Care: They are searching for advancements that promote access to trigger, safe and skilled surgical care.

Digital Health Tools: For numerous of the areas of HIV, Tuberculosis, Mental Health, Maternal Health and Ebola, they are searching for digital tools (including apps and other mobile/web/data enabled tech) for these necessary health care areas that can alert, notify, connect and connect people to treatment, help and care through their reach and information and improve health results especially for women.

Health Worker Support: They are searching for advancements that support the health and strength of nurses, midwives and community health staff members at the heart of offering care.


Winners would get as much as $50,000 in funding and a technical mentoring from a few of the brightest minds at Johnson & Johnson to help them bring their principle to life and produce considerable adjustment in their community and country.

Open to individuals and long-lasting residents of African Countries;(**************)
Prospect requirement to send out an innovative principle in a minimum of amongst the categories.

Evaluation Requirements.
The sent out health care choices will be evaluated based upon their ability to please the list below requirements:.

Idea submission addresses a minimum of amongst the 6 troubles categories.
Idea submission is innovative and ingenious.
Idea submission is scalable.
Idea submission sets out how the award would help the prospect( s) reach a crucial pivotal moment within the timeframe of a single year and provides a total commercialization method.

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To find out more, take a look at JNJ Advancement.



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