Leading 10 Customs at FSU That Prove You Bleed Garnet and Gold


If you’re questioning how Florida State University ended up being a school marked by popular and amazing customs, you have actually pertained to the ideal location. Because its beginning in 1851, FSU has actually established customs that assist make it a location college school.

These 10 FSU customs are crucial to the school’s history and income and provide Seminoles a sense of pride and belonging.

1. Slicing to the War Chant.

pinterest.comThe War Chant coupled with the Tomahawk Chop makes Florida State identifiable to any challenger in the house and away video games alike. It’s even identifiable 800 miles away, something Florida State University sophomore Grace Markwell exposed. When I asked her why she liked the Tomahawk Chop she stated, “I like that everybody who understands FSU understands the slice. I’m from main Illinois which is over 800 miles away, however last summer season I bonded with a complete stranger in the house since I was using an FSU t-shirt and he began slicing when he strolled by. It’s something that brings Seminoles together even when they’re far from Tallahassee.” This encounter actually demonstrates how the slice does not simply serve to frighten challengers in sports however unifies Seminole fans all over. The War Chant likewise functions as an informal anthem in Tallahassee and you can hear it playing anytime, anywhere from club to the supermarket.

2. Chief Osceola and Abandoner.

en.wikipedia.orgTo begin every house football video game, a trainee depicting Florida State’s main sign, Chief Osceola, takes the field while riding on the back of a horse called Abandoner. The set charge to midfield to plant a flaming spear into the ground, marking the start of the video game. After removing in 1978, this routine constantly stays at the top of the charts for the very best college gameday customs. However is anybody in fact amazed? “Osceola and Abandoner riding out onto the field every football video game is not just a fantastic custom however likewise assists FSU remain linked to the Seminole People of Florida and their unconquered spirit,” Florida State University sophomore Ellie Lawson stated. With the assistance and approval of the Seminole People of Florida, Osceola and Abandoner have actually taken Bobby Bowden field by storm. Attempt to call a much better duo. You can’t.

3. War Stripes.

facebook.comWar stripes have actually ended up being an essential part of the experience at any house FSU sporting occasion. Prior to video games, matches and satisfies, a group of ladies called the Woman Spirithunters stand outside each sports arena and deal to paint war stripes on the faces of Seminole fans and, think it or not, in some cases fans of opposing groups. “Painting war stripes is such a terrific method for fans to reveal their Seminole pride. I like getting to belong of their gameday experience,” sophomore Woman Spirithunter Lauren Martin stated. From this quote and the smiles on fans’ faces, anybody can plainly see that war stripes offer a sense of happiness and spirit for anybody who paints them or uses them. And do not fret, they clean off extremely quickly (I have actually done it a thousand times).

4. Sod Cemetery.

en.wikipedia.orgThe Sod Cemetery started in 1962 prior to Florida State football ended up being from another location relative in the college football scene. After a not likely 18 -0 away triumph versus the University of Georgia, the group brought house lawn from UGA’s arena and chose to bury it under a plaque honoring ball game of the video game. That video game ended up being called the very first ‘sod video game’ and from that point on, at any time FSU made a not likely win on the roadway, they took sod from those particular arenas to bury. This routine still holds up today and I actually question how the group has actually gotten away with taking lawn from various fields for over 50 years.

5. School Crawl.

youtube.comCampus Crawl is a custom special to the world-renowned Florida State Marching Chiefs. On the night prior to an arbitrarily picked house football video game each season, the band congregates to play gameday music throughout school in order to amaze trainees and pump them up for the video game the next day. “Among my preferred Chiefs customs each season is School Crawl. The night prior to among our house video games each season, we arbitrarily go throughout school playing the war chant, battle tune and pep tunes. It’s simply an enjoyable method for us to buzz up school for gameday,” junior Marching Chief member Zach Law stated. This experience not just makes trainees in fact delighted to awaken for a twelve noon video game, however it’s likewise among the only redeeming qualities of dormitory life. Take it from somebody who’s existed.

6. Garnet and Gold Guys.

facebook.comEvery year the Baptist Collegiate Ministry picks 2 guys to end up being the popular Garnet and Gold Guys. FSU fans line up to take images with these 2 men covered head to toe in garnet and gold shine paint, a staple of Tallahassee gamedays because1998 All season long, these 2 men stand in the hot Florida sun and take countless images with fans all in the specific very same posture (and I have no concept how they do it). Taking a photo with these men is an initiation rite, and I’m persuaded you can’t be a genuine fan up until you participate.

7. The Flying High Circus.

facebook.comBeing one of 2 colleges in the country with a circus and the particular college with its own huge leading makes Florida State University incredibly special. Likewise, among the coolest parts about the Flying High Circus is that its cast occurs to be strictly filled with FSU trainees. Two times a year, these hard-working entertainers placed on a program filled with numerous high– quality circus acts sufficient to emit significant The best Showman vibes. “[The circus] is such a satisfying company. It’s so satisfying … seeing the crowd fill prior to each program … [and] I’m so grateful to represent such a fantastic company and see it grow,” sophomore Nicole Vitiello stated. The circus experience at FSU resembles no other, and after coping the previous couple of football seasons, I can securely state that Florida State is a circus school.

8. President’s Ice Cream Social.

facebook.comEach year in April, the president of FSU hosts an Ice Cream Social on Landis Green, the heart of school. The school purchases numerous gallons of ice cream, in addition to premium popsicles, to give out to FSU trainees for a number of hours. President John Thrasher and his partner Jean can be seen serving ice cream and connecting with trainees throughout the whole of this occasion, stopping every 5 seconds to be placed on individuals’s Instagram stories. “The President’s Ice Cream Social is something I anticipate every year. It’s an enjoyable method to bring everybody on school together,” Florida State University sophomore Shannon Richards stated. The occasion grows bigger and bigger every year it’s held, and it continues to unify the school in a favorable method. It likewise occurs in the nick of time prior to spring finals drain pipes all of the life out of everybody included.

9. Dipping Class Rings into Westcott Water Fountain.

twitter.comBefore each class graduates, elders collect around Westcott Water fountain and dip their class rings into the water at precisely 18: 51 p.m., imitating the structure year of Florida State. This occasion takes place after the elders get their rings and take part in a ring event in which they recite the Seminole creed. The dipping of class rings sets this custom apart from other colleges and their class ring events while assisting to validate the $200 or more each trainee invests in their ring. Plus individuals may even wind up on President Thrasher’s Twitter, something absolutely worth withstanding a long ring event for.

10 Tossing Trainees into Westcott Water Fountain on their 21 st Birthday.

commons.wikimedia.orgAnother custom that occurs at Westcott Water fountain includes tossing Florida State trainees into the water on the night of their 21 st birthday. I understand that intoxicated individuals tossing each other into a water fountain might not seem like the very best judgment call, however what’s life without threats? According to Florida State University senior Cassi Flamand, this custom “[is] special since Westcott is an essential structure on school … No other university has a custom like that and I can’t wait to participate in it.” This custom incorporate a turning point in an individual’s life with a significant structure on school and the reality that it feels so individual for trainees makes it much more unique. And who would not wish to swim in a water fountain on the night of one their essential birthdays?report this advertisement.