Leah’s mom asks British PM to assist save her child


Leah Sharibu.
By Sam Eyoboka.
MOM of Leah Sharibu, abducted by Boko Haram, Mrs. Rebecca Sharibu, the other day pleaded with the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to assist save her child from the clutches of Islamic insurgents.
On February 19, 2018, Leah Sharibu was drawn from her school, Federal government Women’ Science and Technical College. Dapchi, north-eastern Nigeria, in addition to 109 of her schoolmates.

Now aged 16, Leah is believed to be the only lady held by the extremist militants due to the fact that she declined to transform from Christianity to Islam.
Marking the two-year anniversary of her abduct at an occasion in Westminster, Leah’s mom, Mrs. Rebecca Sharibu, stated she was “continuously in discomfort” over her child’s kidnapping. Speaking in Hausa, which equated by Dr. Gloria Puldu, head of Leah Sharibu Structure established in the 16- year-old’s name, Ms Sharibu asked British federal government to dominate on Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene in her case.
She stated: “I have actually concerned plead with the UK, the United States, all the countries to please hear me and assist me out.
I am pleading with your federal government, please do whatever you can to get my child, Leah launched.
” I wish to plead straight with PM Boris Johnson that he must please assist me to ask President Buhari to launch my child. On Tuesday, my child, my only child was 2 years in captivity, and (President Buhari) has actually assured me that she would be launched however she has actually not been launched.”.
Connected to the so-called Islamic State horror group, Boko Haram are understood for mass kidnappings of schoolgirls and attacks in north-eastern Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon and Niger.
Simply over a month after the kidnapping, 104 of Leah’s schoolmates were launched while 5 other women were stated to have actually passed away en route. Mrs. Sharibu, who took a trip from Nigeria to the UK on Monday, asked the Nigerian President to step in as he and the federal government had actually assured in September2018
She continued: “I require Leah back house and I require him (President Buhari) to set Leah totally free, much like the other women were released.
” The trainees who were brought with Leah have actually been reminded their moms and dads and their moms and dads do not understand the discomfort we have actually been going through for 2 years, discomforts that can not be explained. So please, assist us.”.
Boko Haram triggered a global protest after the 2014 attack on a boarding school in Chibok, where militants abducted 276 women, a few of whom are still being held by the group. Mrs Sharibu stated she had actually just heard “rumours” about her child’s condition in captivity, however thought she was still alive as a health care employee who had actually been launched reported hearing Leah lived from another hostage.

She stated: “Every day we hear Leah this, Leah that. We remain in excellent discomforts.
” Sometimes, when the stories come out, we feel so hurt, we feel so awful. So if I inform you that I enjoy, I am informing you a lie. We are continuously in discomfort, all we prefer is to have Leah back with us.”.
Baroness Caroline Cox likewise spoke at the occasion to assist introduce the International Organisation for Peace and Social Justice’s Silent Massacre project to raise awareness of violence in Nigeria.
The project has its own site which is set to go viral. It likewise has a hashtag #SilentSlaughter.
Pastor Ayo Adedoyin, President of PSJ UK, stated: “It is both stunning and deeply saddening that 2 years on from the harsh kidnapping and abuse of innocent women in Nigeria, the Federal Government in Abuja has actually stopped working to return Leah to her mourning household.
” Human trafficking, kidnapping, and murder are all rising as Boko Haram significantly weaponises and makes use of Islamic Fulani ranchers.
” PSJ UK is working extremely tough to bring Leah back to her mom, along with minimize and ultimately stop any future such occurrences.
” One method to do this is to bring the crucial concern to the attention of the Nigerian Federal government, and by extension the British, French and American federal governments, all of whom have a deep connection with Nigeria. Threatening sanctions, reputational damage or foreign help decreases are all possible methods to put this untrammelled violence at the top of the Nigerian program,” Pastor Adedoyin stated.