Lessons from Durham University

Lessons from Durham University

Having thoroughly enjoyed my time at Durham University, I thought I would share a few of my personal lessons and thoughts. Hopefully, this will give you some tips if you are off to Durham Uni or other universities.

Most importantly, university is what you make of it. Going to uni doesn’t guarantee you a great time like everyone may think. Getting involved with stuff, challenging yourself, and taking on the wealth of opportunities available will give you a thoroughly rewarding experience, as opposed to simply turning up expecting a good time.

Engaging in your subject will make you enjoy it more, so don’t just do the bare minimum as you’ll have more fun by taking an interest.

Be prepared for complete randomness in your days as no day is the same. You’ll find yourself having dinner at 4pm or maybe 10pm – uni is a whole different time zone in itself. Just go with the flow and don’t plan too far ahead.

Lovely walks around Durham, anytime of year

The distance you are from home has its perks and downsides. Durham feels very different and far away from home for me, which provides some beneficial disconnection, meaning time at Durham is focused on uni stuff. However, the distance naturally does provide some inconvenience in travel times back home and so on.

There is so much to explore in Durham, and likely many other universities too. Therefore taking the time to really get to know the area and all the hidden spots and restaurants is great. Notice how things change with the seasons too. Durham is intertwined by a river and there are amazing river walks as well as lots of signs of history dotted around, so it’s great to really appreciate the significance of where you are living.

Every student has done something interesting and something you could learn from, so when chatting to others, get to know them beyond the basics of what they are studying.

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Matt Swain

I am a recent Durham University graduate with four years of experience in a Big 4 firm. I also have a newsletter as part of my blog, called Infinity Thinking, where I share thoughts and encourage readers to think about their thinking. Sign up at www.mattswain.co.uk