Look For Commonalities (SCG) Africa Research Study Fellowship 2019/2020



Application Due Date: December 8th2019

Programparticipants have the chance to contribute straight to Browse’ sprogramming on farmer-herder relations while likewise pursuing their ownresearch. Prospects will be anticipated to establish and pursue an originalresearch subject, culminating in the production of several policybrief( s). The program is perfect for prospects looking for to deepen theirprofessional direct exposure and construct their experience in research study..

TheFellow will both assist enhance Browse’s shows and knowledgebase about Nigeria, while likewise acquiring experience in a selection ofrelevant research study methods for peacebuilding shows and how totranslate programmatic outcomes and understanding into policyrecommendations.

Fellowsshould anticipate to invest roughly 40% of their time directlysupporting Look for Commonalities activities, and 60% pursuingindependent research study..

Stipend: Candidates will get a generous stipend to settle travel and living costs..

Area: Fellows must prepare to be based in Middle Belt, Nigeria with regular travel to task neighborhoods..

Time: November 2019– September 1,2020 We expect that the fellowship will be a part-time dedication (20 hrs/week)..

Main duties consist of however are not restricted to the following:.

Produce a well-researched paper on a pre-agreed subject, based upon the Fellow’s independent research study.
Workwith a Browse group establishing dispute analyses and research study onfarmer-herder dispute in the center belt area of Nigeria and supportdocumentation and finding out throughout the goals of the program.
Add to continuous conversations and advocacy efforts on the farmer-herder problem at policy makers at regional to worldwide level..
Supply input and technical assistance for the activities established under the goal of this program..
Participateand offer technical assistance for the FFARN policy advocacy at thestate and nationwide level in Nigeria, consisting of taking part inbriefings with policymakers.
Providetechnical assistance and assistance to finish trainee mentees who areworking by themselves independent analysis of farmer-herder relations..
Represent FFARN at chosen domestic or global occasions or conferences, as needed.


Educational Background.

Nigeriancitizen with existing doctoral or expert programs at an Africanuniversity and plan to pursue a profession in peace and dispute on thecontinent..
Universitydegree is needed; University degree in global advancement, peace research studies, social science, or associated field is wanted.


Basicexperience in field research study, examination style, empirical andstatistical analysis, and info management style is needed;.

Crucial Requirements.

Efficiency at utilizing Microsoft Workplace software application is needed;.
Considerable analytic, composing, and discussion abilities;.
A showed dedication to high expert ethical requirements and a varied work environment;.
Capability to arrange workflow around tight timeframes, manage numerous jobs, and be versatile with altering top priorities;.
Attention to information and capability to act on jobs to conclusion is needed,.
Fluency in composed and spoken English is needed.
Fluency a minimum of among the regional languages spoken in the location of research study interest is wanted.
Choice for candidates with the capability to operate in the Middle Belt or Niger delta.

The mentee is needed to appreciate the following Ethical Concepts:.

Comprehensiveand methodical query: Mentee must maximize the existinginformation and complete series of stakeholders readily available at the time of thereview. Mentees must perform methodical, data-based questions. He orshe must interact his/her approaches and techniques properly andin adequate information to enable others to comprehend, analyze andcritique his/her work. She or he must explain the constraints ofthe evaluation and its outcomes.
Proficiency: Mentees must have the capabilities and abilities and experienceappropriate to carry out the jobs proposed and must practice withinthe limitations of his/her expert training and proficiency..
Honestyand stability: Mentees must be transparent with anycontractor/constituent about: any dispute of interest, any modification madein the worked out task strategy and the reasons that those modifications weremade, any threat that specific treatments or activities produce misleadingreview info.
Respectfor individuals: Mentees must appreciate the security, self-respect and self-worthof participants, program individuals. Mentees have the responsibilityto be delicate to and regard distinctions among individuals inculture, religious beliefs, gender, impairment, age and ethnic culture..

In addition, the mentee will appreciate SFCG’s assessments requirements, to be discovered in SFCG’s examination standards: https://www.sfcg.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/ SFCG-External-Evaluation-Guidelines-FINAL. pdf.

Due date: This publishing will close on December 8,2019


Interested prospects are welcomed to send out an application through our Profession Website.

Present CV or resume showing appropriate experience/ understanding;.
A one page cover letter mentioning the inspiration for the position, and how it lines up with scholastic and expert pursuits.
A composing sample on peace and dispute problem of 3- 4 pages.

Sent applications will be evaluated on a continuous basis and choice made according to the following requirements:.

Academic research study work is focused or carefully associated to the listed below thematic problems on farmer-herder dispute.
Coach’ savailability and capability to work carefully with the mentees and to devoteup to 20 hours/week of their time to this program throughout the duration ofDecember 2019– June 2020..
Composing sample sent is satisfying and covers the thematic locations considerably.
Efficiency at utilizing Microsoft Workplace software application.

* Please keep in mind that the system just has the performance to publish twodocuments per application. Insufficient applications will not be accepted.

For more details:.

Check Out the Authorities Web Page of the SCG Africa Research Study Fellowship 2020.


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