Luisa Romero from Colombia is OD Young Person of the Month for March 2019!


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Our Young person of the Month is Luisa Romero from Colombia! Luisa Fernanda Romero Munoz is 25 years of ages. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Cauca and currently, she is a postgraduate student in the Masters of International Traveler Management at Ulster University.
Luisa is the Co-founder of Get Up and Go Colombia. She was picked as the most enticing young entrepreneur in Latin America and the Caribbean for the program Young Leaders of The Americas Effort (YLAI 2017) by the United States State Department in addition to getting other worldwide recommendations such as Chevening Award moneyed by the UK Federal federal government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). Luisa emerged 3rd in the 2018 Opportunity Desk Result Trouble.
Read her amazing story noted below and be encouraged!
LUISA ROMERO Luisa Romero is the co-founder of Get Up and Go Columbia, an NGO that searches for to alter locations which were managed by the armed conflict into cultural and gastronomic areas for across the country and worldwide tourists. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Cauca and currently is a postgraduate student in the Masters of International Traveler Management at Ulster University.Due to her interest for social impact, she has really continuously been taken part in local offering efforts and has really also travelled abroad to volunteer in jobs and run in activities in Brazil, the U.S.A. and throughout the Cauca location in Colombia, where she was born and developed. Her offering experience, in your home and abroad, led her to lead local efforts which contribute to peacebuilding in her country by empowering youths.
On How She Began.
When Luisa was 3 years of ages, her mommy used to take a look at to her a story about a capable woman, Mulan, who protected what she believed in, with a wonderful love for her country and a recognized spirit that led her to save China. Mulan’s story recommends Luisa every day on the significance of persevering through challenging times and never ever quiting.Maturing in a country with different social concerns linked to conflict and drugs, as when it concerns Colombia, was a motivation for her to start leading the adjustment she wanted to see and to help people acknowledge that to believe is to produce new facts. While others simply saw concerns, Luisa saw all the capability in her country. This is what encouraged her to start Get Up and Go Columbia.
Columbia is the second most biodiverse country in the world, with amongst the greatest birds. This inspired Luisa to start modifying the reliability of her country by really first modifying the mindset of people around her, helping them to see the worth of their capability. That was how she started, by motivating youths to communicate and promote their location through walking journeys.
The dream is now a fact and considered that they began 3 years previously, they have really impacted more than 15,000 tourists. People are now seeing Colombia from a different perspective.
On Her Successes.

Get Up and Go Colombia.

Luisa thinks of finding the most amazing group to handle as her most substantial success up until now. Her group is consisted of 30 youths who believe and are establishing a new reality to their location through traveler. She mentions the most remarkable thing is to see how a person can develop capabilities and wind up being a leader thanks to the seed you planted.

Similarly, they rejoice to be picked as the only effort in Colombia moneyed by YLAI Advancement Grant to develop the task “Silvia 360” in alliance with Perspektiva360, a virtual reality (VR) and 360 photography task which means to change the bothersome reliability of amongst the towns in their location and alter it with breath-taking images and VR experience.
Whenever she handles a barrier, Luisa thinks about the happiness that her work brings her which is sufficient to keep her working and dominating any sort of barriers.
Her Tips to the Youth.
Be unrelenting, be proactive and never ever give up. Opportunities look like sundowns, if you blink, you miss them.
You can contact Luisa on Facebook! Learn More about her effort, Get Up and Go Colombia.
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