Make an application for the 5th Legal Empowerment Management Course in Budapest (Scholarships Available)


Due Date: August 8,2019

Applications are open for the Legal Empowerment Management Course 2019 occurring from December 1– 6, 2019 The 5th edition of the annual course is a cooperation in between the CEU’s School of Public law, Open Society Justice Effort, Namati, and the Robert L. Bernstein Institute for Human Being Rights at New York City City University School of Law.

The objective of the course is to cultivate an around the world cadre of leaders who are committed to legal empowerment, and who share a normal understanding of the field, including history, technique, and evidence. A teachers of extremely concerned specialists and academics lead course people in a comprehensive exploration of essential designs, including the conceptual structure of legal empowerment, area organizing and social movements, and the function of grassroots legal advocates in acknowledging systemic adjustment. The participatory nature of the course similarly worries peer-to-peer finding out through little group work.

World leaders gradually concur that access to justice and legal empowerment are crucial to ensuring reasonable and inclusive improvement, a recommendation that led to the mix of justice in the UN Sustainable Improvement Goals. Every year the legal empowerment field winds up being more robust, with greater evidence of what works. The 2019 Legal Empowerment Management Course is an unique possibility to evaluate our cumulative understanding and construct on it to enhance an around the world movement for justice.

The course will be held at the School of Public Law, on the school of the Main European University in Budapest, Hungary.

Expenditure and Scholarships.

The total expenditure of participation in the course is EUR 2,000;– (incl. BARREL). This does not include travel and accommodations (lunch and coffee breaks throughout the course will be used).

A limited range of scholarships covering travel, accommodations and the total expenditure of tuition will be easily offered on a competitive basis. Bear in mind that scholarships will not be easily offered for prospects from donor companies.


Open to specialists, policymakers, donors, and researchers.
The course is suggested for people whose work and interests are straight related to legal empowerment. This includes:.

impressive paralegals and leaders of civil society and area business who are running, or desire to run, legal empowerment programs;(*****************)

parliamentary leaders and federal government authorities (ministries of justice or improvement, centralized preparing systems, NHRIs) with the power to support or handle legal empowerment efforts;(*****************)

improvement company representatives handling legal empowerment at an around the world or country level;(*****************)

academics and researchers considering handling legal empowerment programs.


Send the application up till 8 August 2019, find it linked noted below.

There, you will be asked to send out.

a quick problem statement, discussing a trouble area or concerns handling you in your work, or.
a quick proposal for research study or action that you wish to workshop throughout the course; and.
your CV.

Click this link to utilize.

For more information, have a look at Legal Empowerment.


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