Mastercard Foundation-Restless Development Youth Believe Tank for young Africans ($ USD 800 Honorarium)


Application Due Date: 17 th March2019
Mastercard is looking for innovative kids and women, aged (18-24); from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi, Zambia or Ghana; who are passionate about research study for development to register with the Youth Believe Tank (YTT) The YTT is a group of young African researchers. They perform research study to support Structure programs and method development. They are trained and mentored to perform research study, file youth needs, challenges, and objectives, and share their findings with federal government, policymakers, and development experts.
The Youth Believe Tank (YTT) is a research study hall consisted of youths from the Structure’s networks. In cooperation with Anxious Development, it trains and coaches youths to perform research study, collect evidence, and file youth needs, challenges, and objectives. Each year, a new good friend performs research study in their communities and makes recommendations based upon their findings. Research research study is focused on important issues that affect youth. The YTT was presented in 2012, and since, it has really grown to 58 researchers from 7 countries throughout the continent.

Nationals.of the participating countries (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi, Zambia.and Ghana) aged 18-24 years.
Ought to hold genuine passport and associated travel files or reveal timeliness to secure them.
This is a voluntary.position nevertheless honorarium of $800 will be.spent for the whole period upon appropriate accomplishment of selected tasks.
There will be travel to a minimum of 3 workshops in 2019 that will include the research study design workshop in February 2019, an analysis workshop in May 2019 and launch events.

Take part in and contribute to the research study design by.supplying country specific context based upon your experiences and lived.truths of youth in your country.
Interact with a thematic country group of 3 lead quality info collection from youths, federal government, Economic sector,. Civil Society, communities and other stakeholders.
Analyse gathered info to produce nation.particular report.
Lead area research study co-design workshops.with area members, Mastercard Structure partners and other advancement.companies.
Share and discuss research study findings through.launch events put together by Uneasy Development and Mastercard Structure and.through your prepared in country locations.

Please send a completed application and required documents to by17 th March2019
Please bear in mind that we DO DECREASE CVs, resumes and cover letters.

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See the Authorities Websites of the Mastercard Structure Youth Believe Tank 2019.