Microsoft Professional Programs: Cloud Administration and DevOps

Microsoft Professional Programs: Cloud Administration and DevOps

We’re excited to announce the continued expansion of the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) with the addition of two new tracks, Cloud Administration and DevOps. Like other courses in the Microsoft Professional Program, these tracks offer:

  • Job-ready skills in technical domains of the greatest demand.
  • Rigorous, industry-validated structured learning paths.
  • Hands-on, real-world exercises to test and validate learner skills.
  • Challenging and exciting capstone projects that enable learners to demonstrate their skills in a real-world environment and build a professional portfolio.

MPP curriculum has focused on data and web development thus far. With Cloud Administration and DevOps, Microsoft is expanding to the cloud in key areas where there are sizable gaps between available skills and jobs. 

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Cloud Administration

As companies move to the cloud at ever growing rates, the demand for well-skilled cloud professionals continues to increase. With the diversity of existing cloud solutions, companies are looking for people to fill a broad range of skills; from competencies like automation of their deployments and workloads to understanding how to best manage security and compliance. This program will start you down the path of understanding the cloud and to set up Azure virtual machines, networks, and app services; automate workloads and deployment; and manage storage, identity, databases, security, and compliance. 

Enroll in the first course, Microsoft Professional Orientation: Cloud Administration.


To support companies in their desire to be more agile, the lines between development and operations are becoming increasingly blurred. Through continuous integration and deployment, you will learn how to react to changing market conditions. In a world where your audience taste can change on a dime, ensure audience happiness by learning about application monitoring and feedback loops.

Enroll in the first course, Introduction to DevOps Practices.

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