Miles Morland Structure Making Up Scholarships for Africans 2019


Due Date: September 30,2019

Applications are open for the Miles Morland Structure (MMF) Making Up Scholarship 2019 The Miles Morland Structure’s main objective is to support entities in Africa that make it possible for Africans to get their voices heard. It is particularly considering supporting African writing and African literature.

It can be challenging for authors, prior to they wind up being established, to make up while at one time making money. To help please this need the MMF every year grants a little variety of Morland Composing Scholarships, with the objective being to allow each Scholar the time to produce the preliminary draft of an ended up book.


Scholars making up fiction will get a grant of ₤18,000, paid monthly throughout twelve months. At the discretion of the Structure, Scholars making up non-fiction, who require additional research study time, may get an additional grant, paid over a period of as much as eighteen months.


The Scholarships are open to anyone writing in the English language who was born in Africa, or both of whose mother and fathers were born in Africa.
To get authorized for the Scholarship a possibility must send out an excerpt from a piece of work of in between 2,000– 5,000 words, made up in English that has in fact been launched and offered.


The only condition bothered the Scholars throughout the year of their Scholarship is that they must make up. They will be asked to send out by email a minimum of 10,000 new words on a month-to-month basis up till they have in fact finished their book, or their Scholarship term has in fact ended. If the preliminary draft of the book is completed prior to the year is up, payments will continue while the Scholar edits and enhances their work.
Scholars are similarly asked to add to the MMF 20% of whatever they as a result receive from the book they make up throughout the period of their Scholarship. This includes earnings as a result of film rights, serialisations or other secondary earnings emerging from the book made up throughout the Scholarship period. These funds will be used to support other enticing authors. The 20% return obligation require to be considered a monetary commitment of honour rather of a legally binding obligation.

Assessing Requirements.

This will be evaluated by a panel of readers and judges developed by the MMF. The work sent out will be assessed merely on literary advantage. It is not the function of the Scholarships to support scholastic or medical research study, or works of distinct interest such as spiritual or political works. Submissions or proposals of this nature do not accredit.


Have you restricted all 5 things on the list noted below? If not, do not send a submission.

A submission of in between 2,000 to 5,000 words as a Word file of work that has in fact been launched and offered. Please send proof of publication.
A description of in between 400– 1,000 words about the new book you prepare to make up.
A scan of a primary file exposing that you, or both of your mother and fathers, were born in Africa.
A fast bio of in between 200– 300 words.
Please notify how you ended up being mindful of the Morland Composing Scholarships.

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For extra info, see Regularly Asked Concern or take a look at Morland Composing Scholarships.


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