Missing Mace: A symbol of authority and insecurity

Missing Mace: A symbol  of authority and insecurity

By Rev Fr John Damian Adizie

An adage says, When materials are dirty they are taken to the stream for washing but when the stream or water is poll-uted what can one use to wash a dirty water? This is exactly what has played out in the so-called miss-ing mace at the National Assembly.

The manner with which the mace was smuggled out of the cha-mber by hoodlums shows the level of insecurity and vulnerability in our country Nigeria. The so-called dra-ma or child’s play is grad-ually getting out of hand!

Assembly Mace

The mace, I suppose, is the symbol of authority in any given nation. I usually see the mace as a legal and even a sacred symbol. If the security agencies could not protect an ordi-nary mace how are we su-re that they could protect the members of the House of assembly.

With this mi-ssing mace it has now be-come obvious that if pro-per measures are not ta-ken anyone could easily walk into the chamber and kidnap either the Senate President or any senator without any stress.

Most people are now com-menting on the missing mace. What about the issue of in-security acr-oss the nation.  Almost on weekly basis people are los-ing their lives to the so-call-ed herdsmen, who have taken over the whole nation. The latest attack on Tuesday morning where two Cath-olic priests and 17 parish-ioners were killed at St. Ignatius Catholic Parish, Ukpor, MbaLom, Gwer East local government area of Benue State is a clear indication that things have completely fallen apart. Imagine, sacred pla-ces like churches are no longer secured!

As the senators are busy discussing how to secure their mace, may I remind them and all the executive leaders that it’s high time they find a last-ing solution to the pro-blem of insecurity in Niger-ia. We cannot continue to die in silence while hund-reds of vulnerable people keep losing their lives in cold blood. If, however, the government are unable to secure the lives of its citizens they should be humble enough to admit it and then do the needful.

No one gives what he does not have. If the government can not pro-tect their mace, their symbol of authority, how are we sure they are competent enough to protect the lives and properties of its citizens?  Are we truly on safe hands?

Well, instead of relying on politicians for our safety, in a situation like ours Psalm 121:1 offers a way out: “I look to the mountains; where cometh my help? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.�

Our protection and se-curity comes from God and God alone! May He continue to protect us and our dear nation through Christ our Lord – Amen!

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