Mozilla Fellowship Program 2019/2020



Due Date: April 8,2019

Applications are open for the Mozilla Fellowship Program 2019/2020 Mozilla is trying to find technologists, activists, policy specialists, and scientists who are building a more mild digital world.
Mozilla Fellows handle the cutting edge of web health, at a time when the web is laced with whatever from elections and complimentary expression to justice and specific security. Fellows make certain the web remains a force for exceptional– empowerment, equality, gain access to– and also battle online ills, like abuse, exemption, and closed systems.
Throughout a 10- month duration, Mozilla Fellows may run tasks, establish products, and impact policy. Mozilla Fellows originate from a series of disciplines and places: They are scientists in the UK, human rights researchers in Germany, tech policy specialists in Nigeria, and open-source advocates in New Zealand. The Mozilla Fellowship varies from October 2019 through July2020
Fellows get competitive funding and benefits; mentorship and trainings; access to the Mozilla network and speaker; and more.

Open to technologists, activists, policy specialists, and scientists dedicated to a healthy web.
Especially, they are trying to find Fellows who associate with amongst 3 profiles:.

Open web activists: Individuals handling issues like individual privacy, security, and addition online. These Fellows will embed at leading human rights and civil society business from all over the world, working in addition to the business and also exchanging advocacy and technical insights among each other.

Tech policy specialists: Individuals who have a look at the interaction of development and public law– and craft legal, scholastic, and governmental choices.

Scientists and researchers: Individuals who impart open-source practices and principles into medical research study. These Fellows are based at the research study company with which they are currently associated.

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