Muslims can not undergo Christian typical law– Prof Akintola


By Olayinka Ajayi.
Muslims hoping at Agege Prayer Ground, Lagos as part of activities marking the Eid-Kabir Event. Image By Diran Oshe.
The creator of Muslim Rights Issue (MURIC), Prof Ishaq Akintola, states the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad, is best on his require constitutional change to accommodate some peculiarities of Sharia law “which have actually been neglected for so long”.
In this piece, Akintola reveals assistance for Muhammad, stating the present Constitution is a kid of British colonial Christianisation of the nation which had actually stopped working to think about the multi-religious nature of the Nigerian nation.Excerpts:.

The CJN has our complete support on this. The British colonial federal government bestowed a tradition of Christianisation to the Nigerian nation.Muslims were not comfy with it however the British did not listen. The British did not provide a damn

Northern Muslims withstood and the British attacked the North.
Muslim resistance was extremely broken by the callous massacre of countless Muslim liberty fighters in Hausaland, especially in Burmi (1903), Satiru (1906) and Zinder (1917).
Even those who surrounded were not spared as they were slaughtered with gatling gun. Afterwards, the British victors reduced Islamic landmarks.
Islam had actually shown up in Karnem Borno in the year 1085 (818 years prior to the intrusion of the North by the British) throughout the reign of King Humi Jilmi while Christianity was very first preached in 1842 (757 years after the development of Islam) under the Agacia tree in Badagry.As far as we are worried, for that reason, the British who brought Christianity to Nigeria spread their faith by force after getting into the North, after frightening the South West and after suppressing the Muslims who had actually been practicing their faith for more than 800 years.
They utilized extreme force versus Muslims and performed barbaric and extra-judicial killings.
The barrage of Lagos in 1851 by Commodore Captain R. W. Bruce throughout the ‘Boiling Fight’ (Ogun Ahoyaya) and the subsequent surrender of the city was the very first operation ‘shock and wonder’ created to cow southerners.
It was similarly planned to send out a strong message to the North. The thriving of cannon shells and other bombs was hitherto unidentified to the city.
Lagos rapidly put its tail in between its legs like a scared pet and other cities in the South-West took the cue.It was a fait accompli.
The Muslim population warned its subscription versus courting the ire of the colonial masters.
This surrender led the way for the development of the Lagos Nest 10 years later on (1861).
From then onwards, the city of Lagos which, by 1775 had more than fifty Islamic schools, opened the floodgate to the intimidation and browbeating of Muslim kids in colonial schools.
This persecution has actually lasted to date.
Callous conversion.
We have actually decreased the lanes of history since today was born from the wombs of the other day. Muslims in Yorubaland set up no armed resistance to colonial intrusion and strong conversion whereas northern Muslims passed away in their thousands withstanding colonial intrusion.
This led to the vibrant and callous conversion of Muslims to Christianity in the South-West whereas the colonialists worked out care in their handling Northern Muslims.
This circumstance likewise notified British adoption of indirect guideline in the North. No one must ask us to forget the history of Nigerian Muslims.
Brutalisation of Muslims by the British marauders becomes part of our history simply as the strong desertion of Islamic landmarks as purchased by the British Christian evangelists.
It wanted the British had actually eliminated all Muslims who withstood their profession of northern Nigeria and after they had actually enforced limitations on the Shariah that they developed a Christian-oriented administration.
Western education through which countless Muslims were powerfully transformed was likewise presented to change Islamic education which was currently popular prior to the arrival of the British.
This was the circumstance up until Nigeria got self-reliance in 1960 and Muslims continued to bear the force of subjection to a Christian-oriented system. Regrettably succeeding routines in post-independence Nigeria have actually stopped working to examine the system after the exit of the British in spite of duplicated needs.
As an outcome of this, the Muslims stay unintegrated, unaccommodated and displeased.
Without trying to validate violent uprisings, it is our contention that this lop-sidedness is instrumental for the interreligious clashes which Nigeria has actually experienced to date, consisting of, naturally, Boko Haram revolt.
The system we run in this nation is not just alien to Muslim culture, it has actually likewise marginalised the Muslim population.
Our democracy is misleading in as much as Muslims who form the biggest section of the population are not incorporated into the system.
Participatory democracy is the international finest practice. However not in Nigeria.
Nigeria’s democracy leaves out Muslims. Our weekends shut Muslims out.
It is the whole monopoly of Christians.
Saturday and Sunday are totally free however Friday is not.
The Muslim girl-child goes to school with tears in her eyes since she should not go into the school with hijab on her head.There is no single Sharia Appeal Court in the whole South-West and Muslims because sub-region go through Christian typical law in all civil matters. Muslim marital relationships performed inside mosques are not acknowledged however those kept in churches are sacrosanct. This democracy is deceptive.
Christian ladies delight in the monopoly of recruitment into the army, navy, cops, civil defense, traffic wardens, migration, custom-mades, etc however Muslim ladies can not since those uniformed firms will not hire users of hijab.
Yet Muslim cops ladies and soldiers utilize hijab in Britain, United States, Ireland, and so on
. Female Muslim graduates for that reason stay unemployed and impoverished while their Christian equivalents smile to the banks.Yet it was not so ab initio. It was the British Christian colonialists who altered the system to favour Christians just.
This is unsatisfactory and we require to take a seat like neighbours to renegotiate our nationhood. It is constantly much better to jaw-jaw than to war-war.
If all of us condemn the Boko Haram design, what option have we advanced?
MURIC for that reason welcomes the CJN’s concept of the requirement for constitutional change.
It is even belated.
It becomes part of restructuring. We hope the restructuring camp will invite the CJN’s concept since it is not going to have to do with Muslim needs alone however a detailed one.
We require neutrality in this matter.
Those who constantly oppose anything which is most likely to benefit Muslims are prompted to consider this effort with an open mind.Constitutional change has all the capacities to introduce peace and serenity if we approach it with genuineness.



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