Ndubuisi-Chukwu’s Death: Nigerians eliminating Nigerians in S/Africa- Consul-General


By Victoria Ojeme.

Nigeria’s Consul-General in Johannesburg, South Africa, Mr. Godwin Adams, has actually required another autopsy to be performed on the late Deputy Director-General of Chartered Insurance Coverage Institute of Nigeria, Mrs. Elizabeth Ndubisi-Chukwu to determine the reason for her death.

Late Mrs Elizabeth Ndubuisi-Chukwu, strangled in a hotel space in South Africa.

He likewise cautioned that the departed must not be buried till the autopsy is performed, including that no less than 30 Nigerians are eliminated every year in South Africa.

Adams, who stated this in a special chat with Sunday Lead, regreted that Nigerians offer controlled substances in South Africa, stating the majority of the deaths were fallouts of drug-related disputes.

His words: “On this current case, it will be extremely essential to perform another autopsy prior to she is buried. When you inquire about the variety of Nigerians eliminated daily, I will state that over 60 percent of deaths are brought on by Nigerians themselves while 15 percent is as an outcome of Authorities cruelty. 15 percent are items of difference in between 2 celebrations over service offers.

Nigerians are eliminating themselves.

” There is a case on the killing of a Nigerian by 8 South African police officers in October2017 These police officers have actually been arraigned in the court. This specific case is well commemorated in South Africa. The case would be concluded in November this year.

” We still have numerous cases pending since the majority of them require witnesses and a few of these witnesses are being threatened by the South African cops. Witnesses are extremely essential in any case and another issue is the failure to act on the examination seriously.

” In a year, we often have up to 30 Nigerians eliminated. Up until Nigerians stop eliminating themselves, we will not have the ability to hold South African federal government responsible.

Nigerians are eliminating themselves.

” And the majority of these killings focus on drug peddling on the streets since our kids do it honestly and often out of jealousy, among them will go and report the other to the cops.”.

Adams in an earlier declaration sent out to Sunday Lead stated the Consulate was not notified of the existence of Nigerians going to the conference which the late Ndubisi-Chukwu went to.

Subsequently, he prompted potential Nigerian visitors to South Africa to constantly notify the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who would inform the Objective of their arrival.

That declaration checks out: “The objective was never ever notified of the existence of Nigerians around for any such conference.

” I am utilizing this chance to likewise interest potential Nigerian tourists to South Africa, especially those coming for main functions to constantly notify the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who will, in turn, inform the Objective of their arrival. This is very important so that the objective would know and recommendations them on the scenario on the ground.

Existence of Nigerians.

” On June 16, 2019, when I was outlined Mrs. Elizabeth Ndubisi-Chukwu, I right away hurried to the hotel to discover more on the advancement as the objective was never ever notified of the existence of Nigerians for any such conference.

” I satisfied the hotel management, who right away contacted the security authorities to inform me on the advancement and directed me to Kempton Police Headquarters where the case was being dealt with.

” Considering that it was a weekend, the examining law enforcement officer was not offered. I later on got a call from Alexander Ndubisi, a Nigerian homeowner in South Africa, who presented himself as a cousin of the deceased. He notified me about the unfortunate advancement and the truth that the older bro, Dr. Chiedu Ndubisi was around




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