Need Entries: Kokuyo Design Award 2020 (Grand Reward of 2,000,000 Yen)


Due Date: October 18,2019

Entries are invited for the Kokuyo Design Award 2020 The Kokuyo Design Awards is a rivals to attract superbly useful product designs, taking the absolute best of the absolute best to the genuine client market. The award enhances design as a worth and supports the production of items delighted in by the user.

In 2015, they got a total of 1,289 participation from product designers in more than 46 countries. Previous benefit winners have really provided reliable products like Kadokeshi eraser, the Anonymous Paints, and the Genuine Treatment ruler. They search for any and all principles that turn into authentic products. Ensure to send your design for the Kokuyo Design Award 2020 rivals.


Grand Prix 2,000,000 Yen.
Advantage Award 500,000 Yen.
Distinct benefits may be approved.


The rivals accepts entries from any corporation, particular, or group that pleases all the list listed below requirements, no matter their age, sex, occupation, or citizenship.
Prospects require to have the capability to make a conversation at last examining (secondary examining) in Tokyo on May 14,2020 The contest organizer will pay expenses sustained by people for travel and lodgings (roughly 2 individuals for group entries).
Prospects require to give these standards. In cases when an entrant is a little, the approval of their mother and fathers or other statutory agent is required.

Examining Requirements.

The design’s analysis of the design.
The performance of the design and the principles behind it.
The design’s capability to wind up being a product.


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For extra info, take a look at Kokuyo Design Award.