Need Submissions: 3D Centers Student Grant 2019 (Win $1000 & & & & turn your task into a product)


Due Date: June 30,2019

Submissions are invited for the 3D Hubs Student Grant 2019 Students are requested to show how they made use of 3D printing to acknowledge their innovative engineering or design task. 3D Centers are searching for designers, entrepreneur and creative abilities who push the limitations of 3D printing to repair real-life concerns.
3D Centers inspires all students to send their work for aspect to think about. You can specify around 2 categories in your application.

Product Design: Client products, client electronic gadgets, gadgets, design, and so on
. Robotics: Mechatronics, automation, electromechanical systems, 3D printing developments, biomimetics, and so on
. Sustainability: Sustainable resource, green developments, sustainable architecture, eco tasks, humanitarian engineering, and so on
. Transportation: Automotive, electrical vehicles, alternative city transport, aircraft, spacecraft, drones, and so on
. Healthcare: Medical devices, prosthetics, implants, and so on


Benefits. The winner of each category will get:.
$1000 in grant funding to support their task.
Direct direct exposure to an around the world audience (powered by 3D Centers).
Technical help to turn their idea into a product.

The 5 finalists of each category will get a copy of The 3D Printing Handbook and a primary finalist certificate.


For a task to be certified, a physical design or product must exist;(**************)
Whole or part of the design must be produced through 3D printing. Parts of the last assembly can be similarly produced through other (preferably digital) developments, such as CNC machining.
Submissions are accepted from both personal elements and groups;(**************)
All elements must be either present students (in secondary, undergraduate or postgraduate education) or present graduates that have in fact completed their research study studies after July2018

Assessing Requirements.
The submissions will be examined by a panel of engineers, designers, and entrepreneur. The winners will be selected based upon their conversation (40%), their advancement and potential impact of their task (30%), and their factor of utilizing 3D printing (30%).
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For more information, have a look at 3D Centers Student Grant.


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