New Computer Science Courses from America’s Most Innovative University

New Computer Science Courses from America’s Most Innovative University

U.S News & World Report has named Arizona State University the most innovative school in America for three years in a row. Now on Coursera, their Master of Computer Science pushes the envelope in computing and covers cutting-edge topics like AI, cybersecurity, and big data. Ranked in the Top 5 for graduate employment by The Wall Street Journal, a Master of Computer Science from ASU gives you the edge you need to launch a new career or move ahead in your current organization. Earn credit toward your master’s by trying one of the degree courses below. If you are accepted to the program, you’ll get credit for courses you’ve completed.  

1. Core Database Concepts

This course introduces the world of database systems. It provides the foundation that will enable learners to master skills in data modeling and information, as well as extract information using existing database management systems. The following main topics are covered: database design/modeling, data storage and indexing, query processing/optimization, transaction management, database security, and data analytics.

2. Distributed Database Systems

The increased capabilities of a collection of logically interrelated databases distributed over a computer network enable scalable data processing. This course addresses the components of these systems, covering the following main topics: distributed database architectures, distributed data storage and indexing, distributed and parallel query processing/optimization, and concurrency control in distributed Parallel Database Systems.

3. Introduction to Data Exploration and Visualization

This course answers the questions, “What is data visualization and What is the power of visualization?” It also introduces core concepts such as dataset elements, data warehouses and exploratory querying, and combinations of visual variables for graphic usefulness, as well as the types of statistical graphs, —tools that are essential to exploratory data analysis.

4. Multivariate and Geographical Data Analysis

Covering the tools and techniques of both multivariate and geographical analysis, this course provides hands-on experience in visualizing data that represents multiple variables. This course will use statistical techniques and software to develop and analyze geographical knowledge.

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