New pension plan faces brick wall in 11 states


By Cynthia Alo.

… Labour, state executives withstand application.

The Contributory Pension plan, CPS, has actually faced brick wall in 11 states following resistance from labour unions and state executives to the application of the plan in the states.

The Head, States Operations Department, PenCom, Mr. Babatunde Phillips, divulged at the 2019 Reporters’ workshop arranged by the Commission in Benin, Edo state, including that just 25 states have actually enacted the pension law of the plan.

He likewise kept in mind that just 9 states consisting of FCT have actually begun application and remittance of both company and worker pension contributions According to the CPS, while 5 states have workers retiring under the CPS and drawing pensions, even as 4 states have actually enacted Laws on the Defined Advantage plan,( DBS).

DBS is the pension plan that was in impact in Nigeria till 2007 when it was changed with the CPS as specified in the Pension Reform Act (PFA) 2004 and2014

Regardless of the 25 mentions revealed by the commission just Lagos, Kaduna, FCT, Ondo, Edo, Anambra, Ekiti, Osun, and Delta state are actively carrying out the plan.

In his discussion at the workshop, he mentioned that, “Insufficient financing of the CPS in some states that had actually carried out the plan had actually adversely influenced on the smooth application of the plan.

” Resistance to the application of the plan by state authorities and labour unions due to bad understanding of the plan has actually postponed the adoption of the plan by states not on the plan.

” Partial application where reduction and remittances of just worker part, reduction and non/incomplete remittances to name a few by some states results in broad discontentment and resistance of the CPS.”.

He likewise mentioned that, Kwara, Plateau, Cross River, Borno, Akwa Ibom, Bauchi and Katsina, are at the expense phase of the plan, while just 9 states are remitting both company and worker pension.

He stated: “The right of states to enact their own pension laws (pension is not on Federal Federal government unique list) had actually been a blockage in the wheel of development as some states hold-up in enactment of their laws and/or enact laws at variation with PRA 2014 and CPS concepts.

” Likewise, absence of political will by some state executive guvs had actually been an obstacle to the application of the CPS by states as the choice basically depends upon the state guvs,” Philip included.




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