New Year, New Skills: Unlock Your Future with Udacity!

New Year, New Skills: Unlock Your Future with Udacity!

Start your 2018 with Free Previews of our Nanodegree programs!

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Learning new skills is such a rewarding experience. It can even change your life! But going outside your comfort zone and taking on something new requires both courage, and opportunity.

“This experience has absolutely changed my life. I wouldn’t have a job right now otherwise.” —Oscar E., Lifelong Learner, Udacity

That’s why we’re ringing in the New Year by unlocking 8 different Nanodegree programs, and offering you free previews of each. Because we want to give you the opportunity to learn something new in 2018. We want to make it possible for you to fully embrace your potential for growth and achievement.

“Before Udacity, I was working two minimum wage jobs. Now, I have a new job, a new mindset, and new life!” —Ryan W., Lifelong Learner, Udacity

Whether it’s learning to code for the first time, or diving into advanced robotics software engineering, there is something here for you. Something unique to explore, something new to learn.

“Udacity helped me see a whole new world that I never knew existed. Today, after overcoming many challenges, I have completed two Nanodegree programs, and I have a solid vision for my life.” —Sagarnil D., Lifelong Learner, Udacity

More than one million new students enrolled with Udacity in 2017. This is your invitation to join them in learning tomorrow’s skills, today!

“I’ve started a new career path, and I’m now able to practice my analytics/machine learning skills on a daily basis.” —Qiaole Z., Udacity student

Here’s how it works. Visit our Free Preview Page. Select a Free Preview from the available unlocked programs. Create your account, and then enter our groundbreaking classroom experience! You’ll meet instructors, delve into curriculum, and get introduced to core concepts and topics. You’ll watch videos, take quizzes, and explore projects. This is your chance to experience lifelong learning, the Udacity way!

“Changing your career at 37 can be a challenge, but my passion for programming has brought me to my role as an Automation Engineer and I love my new life.”

We don’t make huge leaps into new lives every day. But every once in a special while, the right opportunity presents itself. We gather our courage, we try something new, and we’re changed by the experience. The impact of exploring these Nanodegree programs can be as big as or small as you want it to be. Your interest in a new subject may be sparked. You may commit to learning valuable new skills. And maybe, just maybe, your life will truly change.

“Udacity helped me to accomplish a complete life-altering career change.” —Nick B, Lifelong Learner, Udacity

Embrace your inner lifelong learner. Make “New Year, New Skills” your mantra in 2018.

It’s time to unlock your future!

Start your 2018 with free previews of our Nanodegree programs!


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