Nigerian Financial Top (NES) 25 th Anniversary Essay Rivals 2019


Application Due Date: July 24,2019

The Nigerian Economic Top Group (NESG) in cooperation with the National Universities Commission (NUC) is happy to expose the design for the N igerian Monetary Leading (NES) 25 th Anniversary Essay Rivals.

Enhancing Self-esteem in Nigeria for Nation Structure: Towards Economic Success and Improved Way Of Life for Nigerians.

Trust is the social glue that holds homes, areas, business and societies together; without it, reaching any plan can wind up being a packed settlement.”– Peggy (Rockefeller) Dulany, Synergos1.

With an around the world shift towards ‘inclusive’ monetary advancement, it is argued that monetary success and business success can not be efficiently explained by abundance of natural deposits, shimmer of intelligence, or the presence of exceptional laws and companies. Rather, monetary success requirements (in addition to the above elements kept in mind) a culture of trust and social capital that forms a monetary input (Fukuyama, 1995).

According to Fukuyama, research study studies have in fact exposed that there is a direct connection in between the level of trust of a country and her monetary development or success. The higher the cumulative trust level of a nation, the higher the level of cooperation and her chances at inclusive monetary improvement.

In the light of the challenges that have in fact continually affected the Nigerian economy such as high levels of corruption and lease trying to find, insecurity and revolt, bad and degrading human capital indices, slow and non-inclusive monetary advancement, slow variety of the economy, year-on-year budget deficit, monetary regression of sub-nationals to name a few, Nigeria has in fact remained a low-trust country and this has in fact resulted in a slow-paced advancement.

With an outlook of building a nation that is competitive and sustainable, Nigeria sets to begin the long march towards monetary advancement and boosted way of life for its people. Bearing in mind the incredibly different nature of Nigeria, we can not for that factor prevent the hard task of rebuilding trust and confidence in her people.

It is on this center that the NESG needs prospects for the essay rivals.


Entries must be made up in English.

One entry per person.

1,500 optimal word count.

Plagiarism is decreased.

Sent previous to July 24,2019


Paid Internship at the NESG All cost paid journey to 25 th Nigerian Economic Top in Abuja, October 2019 Essay conversation to an audience of leading public/private authorities Differentiated certificate of effectiveness.

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