Nigerians have actually stated no tolerance for sexual violence– Dr. Princess Olufemi Kayode By Sola Ogundipe, Chioma Obinna&& Gabriel Olawale


The high occurrence of rape, defilement and other types of sexual violence in Nigeria has actually given issue in current times.

For several years, a number of events of rape and other types of sexual assault/abuse have actually not been examined or pursued to rational conclusion either due to the fact that the victims, who are generally ladies and girls (single or married) stopped working to report the occurrence, or perhaps if they reported, the culprit/culprits were not captured and prosecuted.

Data expose that rape is the most under-reported criminal offense internationally; just a 3rd of occurrences of sexual attack are reported while simply 1 in 5 survivors of rape report the occurrence to the Cops. Specialists argue that sexual violence can trigger severe sociological and psychological issues, and might be accountable to hesitation by victims’ hesitation to divulge.

Rape, for example, is under-reported due to the fact that of the worry of public pity, ridicule and stigmatisation, however that might be altering, passing current advancements in Nigeria.

On Sunday June 30, 2019, a union of gender supporters besieged the Lagos and Abuja branches of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, COZA, Church to oppose a claims of rape versus a senior pastor of the church by Mrs. Busola Dakolo in a video that was trending on social networks.

At the Lagos branch of the COZA, the union provided a petition signed by 200 groups and people prompting COZA Trustees to act relating to the several accusations of sexual misbehavior versus the implicated. Representative for the Union, Dr. Princess Olufemi Kayode, in a chat with Lead Live divulged the intention for demonstration to name a few expectations.

Olufemi-Kayode, who is CEO/Founder, Media Issue Effort, and a professional on sexual violence, believed that allegations of sexual violence like rape by females and ladies need to not be ignored. She highlighted that the demonstration was basically about all types of sexual violence in Nigeria consisting of rape and kid sexual assault. Excerpts:.

What is sexual violence?

Sexual violence is generally any sexual act or an effort to have a sexual act or undesirable sexual attention of touching it conceals whatever within the area of such an activity that is not desired or required or requested.

However the World Health Organisation, WHO, specifies sexual violence as any sexual act or an effort to acquire a sexual act or undesirable sexual dedication or advances or act of traffic or otherwise, directed versus an individuals sexuality utilizing browbeating by anybody no matter relationship to the victim( s) in any setting, however not restricted to house and work. It is any undesirable sexual attention, likewise taken by force through browbeating which is why it is more like a criminal offense of power.

Bayelsa’ll never ever choose a Godless guv– Gov Dickson( Opens in a brand-new internet browser tab).

Kid sexual assault is the participation of a kid in sex that she or he does not completely understood, is not able to provide educated grant, or for which the kid is not developmentally ready and can not provide approval, or that breach the laws or social taboos of a society.

Types of sexual violence.

A lot falls under sexual violence. You can discuss kid sexual violence which has incest, kid rape, rape and gang rape, trafficking for sexual functions. There is date rape and dispute rape, it takes place throughout war. We have what we call female genital mutilation, FGM; not permitting females have access to contraceptives (household preparation), particularly the married ones who have no option in identifying the number of kids they wish to have. Sexual violence is large.

When you discuss sexual assault you are speaking about kids.

Unwanted sexual advances is generally baseless sexual attention which likewise indicates the concern of exchange– I provide you this and you provide me that. Or someone simply gets you in a way you do not like. Such takes place a lot in the market location or you might be strolling down the street and somebody touches you wrongly and there was no cause for it.

Even in the office, your manager might state to you– if you do not do this you will not get that. It likewise is available in remarks and groupings. Some can be in fact harmful due to the fact that if someone wants you, speak with you filthy and touches you and you do not desire it, it might be dangerous for you.

Some individuals have actually discovered themselves in a circumstance where they are powerless. There is what we call battle or leave reaction. You are too surprised to state anything. It appears as if you exist however you are not there. Physically you exist however you are too surprised to leave.

Looking for legal redress.

Yes. Currently, we have actually tossed up problems of office having problems of sexual misbehavior. It is occurring and some business have actually begun putting that into their policies. So it is something we requires to take a look at nationally. As much as we have the laws, there are policies that require to be enacted within the office, the instructional sector and even in the general public location where a great deal of this unwanted sexual advances is showing up due to the fact that you simply can’t be working and someone simply touches you.

Sexual violence versus females.

Sexual violence covers everyone. We are having reports that impact the kid kid and woman kid. Guys are likewise raped. I have actually dealt with cases of males who were raped. Anyone can come out to state I have actually been broken.

• Dr Princess Olufemi kayode.

Why more females are objecting.

Worldwide there are more reports from females than from males. However we are starting to have more male reports than in the past. Guys are likewise starting to open to state something occurred to them as a kid or they simply dealt with tried rape. Guys are expected to be more powerful, it resembles males do not sob. They do not wish to state that as a guy someone in fact raped you. It is a social thing. However it is possible to be raped as a guy.

What truly is rape?

Technically, rape is acquiring powerful sexual relations. Based upon the law now, it might be in fact with a male organ or perhaps a things. It might be through the vaginal area or rectum. Whichever method it is something taken powerfully which is in fact where the obstacle is when you discuss rape.

Individuals anticipate that a rape victim need to look scruffy, battered, hair spread and clothing torn due to the fact that of the word– force. However force is not a lot about the physical element of it however it has to do with taking that act without approval.

I did not grant do this with you. You did what you wished to do on your own. I was simply a things not truly granted it. That is where the concern of approval is available in. Defilement is generally sexual relations with a kid. Rape includes an adult that did not provide approval. There is adjustment and browbeating. There are various types of getting individuals to do what they would refrain from doing generally. We need to deal with those doing these things and state they are doing something incorrect.

Showing rape cases.

Rape is among the most challenging things to show throughout the world. There is gang rape however we are speaking about the rape including 2 individuals. We were simply 2 in the space, no 3rd party. I am the one stating you raped me and when you were captured, you can state you did not rape me. You might even come near state I concurred that we need to have this together. That would be your word versus mine.

To show rape, it utilized to be through medical report. I believe it is still medical report however we are working to make certain it exceeds medical report due to the fact that even individuals who operate in location of sexual violence who are professionals in forensic medical exams will inform you that there are times in a lot of case you can’t even discover anything that reveals that there was rape.

It’s especially challenging to show rape for women and even for males. Other than that specific location is totally harmed, it is rather challenging. The recovery because location is really quickly. So showing it needs to surpass medical report, it needs to not be the only thing we need to depend upon. It has to do with Examination. Examination of sexual criminal offenses is various which is why we are stating that we require a specifically experienced police for violent criminal offenses due to the fact that it will assist them comprehend.

Dealing With Gender Based Violence.

Yes, the cops deal with criminal offense usually however if you take a look at gender based violence, it is not the very same thing with murder or other types of attack. If you take a look at the characteristics of problems around rape, how do you handle reactions of victims?

A victim can come and state something now and the next minute states something else. In some cases they are incoherent. If you do not comprehend where they are originating from you will have problem in handling them or showing it.

As people we respond in a different way to problems however due to the fact that there are scientists who have actually studied the range of survivors who can state these are a few of the important things they do. So when they begin talking, such individual can comprehend where they are originating from, and how it has actually impacted them. A tried rape victim can have psychiatric issues while someone that is gang raped might not have psychiatric concern or anything. So it is vibrant and as people we react to problems in a different way.

It’s likewise due to the fact that of our histories. Our histories are various so likewise our direct exposures and world view are various from one another. So comprehending the basis, we require know-how in the location of sexual violence.

Forensic assessments.

We are speaking about forensic evaluation of sexual violence scenes. Do not forget that just sexual violence that is reported instantly can be shown from the views of those included. There specify methods you speak with individuals there. Mainly examination here winds up in: I call your name, you concern the police headquarters and compose your declaration, choose medical exam and after that documents are submitted. However it exceeds all that.

To discuss the charges, there are sexual criminal offenses that you will not get to charge the individual on that attack. Take a look at the video that is continuous for example; there are a great deal of things that can be chosen from that video. She’s dragged out. Where are you taking me to? There was no warrant of arrest. You took a kid to a location and you held the kid down there.

You by force held the kid there. There are various things the law has. You see a 30- count charge abroad, if you get away one, you will satisfy the 2nd, you get away the 2nd one, you will satisfy the 3rd one. The charges are interlinked.

A normal case.

I keep in mind a case we have, 2 little ladies aged 2 and one years of age. They can’t talk extremely well however the Proprietor was physically permeating them. The one-year-old would be on the flooring playing, after a while, the Proprietor utilized his left hand fingers to press the diapers to one side and after that insert. Physically, she goes blank.

On the other hand, the case has actually been reported to the cops, the implicated individual has actually gone to the cops for tracking. The tracking call welcomed everybody and we got the Workplace of the general public Protector, OPD, included. When we arrived, they might not discover any proof.

The police officer now relied on the little woman and asked her: “Do you understand this male?” She stated: “Yes. Oga Property Owner” (Mr Property Owner). “What occurred to you?” The kid pulled her gown up apart her legs and stated he put his hands here.

This is a two-year-old. However that case could not be dealt with due to the fact that medical exam was disappointing anything anymore in the 2 ladies. However in the one-year-old, it validated behaviour that someone had actually presented her to that activity.

However the two-year-old had the ability to withstand speak. There are many cases that have actually not had the ability to get to the court although there is proof. So the essence is that showing sexual violence showing in court is really challenging.

Busola Dakolo’s video.

Like every other Nigerian, I awakened to that video shared by Busola Dakolo about her rape experience and it was a shock. However something I desire individuals to understand is the truth that the demonstration was not meant to assault the Church.

It is the individual that something occurred to that can truly explain it. She is not a kid, I am trained to deal with kids, she has actually had the ability to reveal graphically what occurred to her. All over the world where there are systems in location to react to this concern, sexual violence is among the most under-reported criminal offenses. We can not fault what she has actually stated. I can seat as a victim supporter and inform you that I think her. We can provide assistance to individuals who concern grumble. We attempt to do something that can assist you proceed with your life and if there is opportunity to look for redress we likewise assist you benefit from it.

I have actually dealt with over 20,000 cases, however not all have actually litigated, not due to the fact that it did not occur however due to the fact that there is no legal stand. Based upon the laws, there is a plan, we need to follow the law. She stated it occurred in Ilorin, so Kwara law will need to identify if there is a case to be called. However on my seat as a supporter I stand with her. I’m likewise a survivor, so where we are originating from is various. You are a hearer. I’m a victim supporter, so I’m going to attend to that matter as a victim supporter. I’m likewise an activist, and what activists do is to act.

COZA demonstration.

Bulk of individuals that signed up with the demonstration were more of Christians. There was definitely no objective to ruin the church with that demonstration or stop individuals from worshipping, it was basically to make a declaration. The objective was for the management of the Church to be awakened that they are not excused from responsibility and authority.

We required 4 things with that demonstration. We got in touch with COZA Trustees and Executive Council and leaders to act. Very first need was that Biodun Fatoyinbo need to step down, so that we can separate the concern from the church and face him as a person.

Second, there need to be set up an internal examination without any partiality or favours. The Church needs to establish a panel to listen to the complaints within and not simply wave it off. 3rd need, listen to individuals who have something to state and make certain that the platform does not stigmatise them which survivors might continue their praise without re-traumatisation. 4th is to promote the virtues of Christ in all fact.

Our performing has actually exceeded Busola. It is for each other lady or kid out there that has actually been broken. So when you see blood boiling there is a factor for that. We will do the very best we can. We have a number of NGOs in the union. There needs to be no tolerance for violence versus females and kids.

Function of wearing rape occurrence.

What gown could a 9-year-old wear that would trigger her to be sexually broken? What of the females using Hijab that are raped, do they likewise lure males? It is still a misconception about the connection of rape and the gown you are using. To date, the minute a rape is reported and a female is included, individuals tend to associate it to indecent dressing. We require to get it right that sexual violence has absolutely nothing to do with what you are using. All the cases I have actually dealt with, I have actually not seen one that the lady was broken as an outcome of the method the lady was dressed.

Screw up.

It is much better for rape or any sexual infraction not to occur. We have actually seen the screw up currently. There is severe screw up. I still bring the scars of sexual assault, and it is challenging on a survivor. Some survivors do not even understand that specific things occurring to them in life involve the sexual assault they suffered previously as kids. There is psychological injury caused by the experience. Some mistreated kids end up being abusers themselves.

Coming out about rape.

I am likewise a survivor. The very first time I spoke about my experience was2003 When I came out openly, I was not prepared to state it, individuals asked whether it had actually taken place to me and I stated yes. My own occurred when I was a kid and I kept dealing with several abuses.

The day you choose to inform your story is your option. You can see all over the world individuals that open, it didn’t occur to them today, it occurred long earlier, they simply required to have guts to discuss it.

A kid would state “I can not inform my mom.” The ones that summon guts are not thought by member of the family. Some individuals hesitate of future stigmatization. I utilize to inform them that rape does not indicate your future is messed up.

Nigerian laws on sexual violence.

There are numerous cases that do not get to court. Sexual violence is challenging to show. The majority of times the application and procedure of our laws feature various difficulties. I believe our Magistrates require more knowledge to comprehend those problems due to the fact that some believe it can not occur.

Examination is a problem, today, if you go and report that someone raped you, it is you that will bring cash to the law enforcement officer for the automobile that will go and choose the suspect.

Cops has no lorries to utilize, you are still the one that will pay, it is not expected to be so.

The procedure requires to be re-evaluated and it needs to originate from the National Assembly. The cops do not have devices. You get to the police headquarters and you need to purchase declaration paper and whatever, so many people do not wish to come and report. Those that report requirement to pay.

If you go to the police headquarters you are investing the entire day. There are cases of moms who when reporting the abuse of their kids, lost their task. The procedure is not alright. Our cops is federal so it is federal concern. Allotment requires to be made to safeguard people. Cops is not geared up, and the majority of the officers are not trained in these problems.

For survivors of sexual violence.

Sexual violence victims require to look for assistance and motivate each other to be strong. We require each other due to the fact that there is a lot occurring to you today as an outcome of the experiences from long earlier. Try to find injury management therapists. Discover a real therapist who is trained in injury management. If you have actually been sexually molested or distressed, you require treatment. You require aid and inform the story whether you wish to look for justice. For your life’s sake and psychological health and to proceed in life, you require to discover treatment and support system.

Lots of groups are presently providing complimentary therapy in this location. There are likewise online support group, and victims just require to simply use these resources. We share our stories and difficulties and assist each other.



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