Nigerians in Diaspora express excitement over Global Terrorism Index report

Nigerians in Diaspora express excitement over Global Terrorism Index report

..laud Buhari’s effort to keep Nigeria safe

By Gabriel Ewepu

ABUJA-NIGERIANS in Diaspora under the auspices of Nigerians in Diaspora Monitoring Group, NDMG, have expressed excitement over the recent Global Terrorism Index report on gains recorded in the fight against terrorism by the Buhari-led administration.

This was contained in a statement signed President, NDMG, Dr. Ibukun Ola, acknowledging said the indication of the report on the fight against terrorism by the government shows great improvement, and that would further boost the image of the country by attracting investors to the country.

He said in the past had dented the image of the country in the international community, hence negatively impacted on the nation’s financial lifestyle and will enhance free movement of Nigerians to live and carry out useful endeavours across the world without any hindrance.

According to the group in the statement without doubt, the feats have been made possible by the commitment of President Buhari in his resolve towards ridding Nigeria and the world of this heinous crime that has de-humanised and debased mankind.

The statement gave kudos and recognition to the Nigerian military for their sacrifices being made to the level of paying the supreme price to keep terrorism out of the nation’s territory which has been accorded international recognition as well.

According to the statement the recent reports on the de-escalation of global terrorism and the particular impact made by Nigeria towards down-scaling the menace shows a 33 per cent reduction in the number of terrorism-related deaths in four of the terrorism ravaged countries including Nigeria compared to that of the previous years.

It also further explained that the successful of operations by the Nigerian military with coded names like ‘Python Dance’, ‘Scorpion Stings’, Lafiya Dole’, ‘Crocodile Smiles’ and others played critical roles in the recent ranking.

The group in the statement also commended the service chiefs and said the current set of service chiefs unlike their predecessors have not disappointed but have lived up to expectations by taking the fight to enemy territories rather than issuing orders from the comfort of their offices in Abuja.

The statement reads in part: “Two things that the President did which is worth special mention is the order relocating the operational headquarters of the military to the North east zone and the relocation of the service chiefs to those areas. This has added verve and seriousness to the fight and boosted the morale of the soldiers on the field.

“We note particularity the report by the Global Terrorism Index and that of the BBC on the development which has confirmed Nigeria’s contribution to winning the war against global terrorism and other crimes against humanity.

“The number of terrorism related deaths around the world fell according to the report for a second year in 2016, showing that the biggest drop was recorded in Nigeria where there’s been an 80 per cent reduction.

“Those residents in the North-eastern part of Nigeria as well as other areas will confirm the relationship between these reports and what is currently obtainable in terms of the reduction in such activities.

“Apart from pockets of largely unsuccessful attempts at soft targets, several Nigerian cities hitherto groaning under terror are beginning to forget what the sound of bombs and armed attacks feel like while life has returned to normal in many former war ravaged areas.�

The statement also pointed out that in just about two and a half years, the current administration has been able to penetrate the fortresses of the Boko Haram terrorists, cut their supply of arms and ammunition, arrest their kingpins, take unrepentant ones out and drive the few that are remaining to the bushes.

The statement further asserted that efforts by the current administration in the drive towards such dastardly acts is further demonstrated in the action it took against another movement which was slowly gravitating towards same tendencies in the South-east and succeeded in stamping it out before its cancerous genes would spread.

“In the South-south region too, the President has through the launch of military operations and other subtle and diplomatic means, been able to nip activities that could graduate into terrorist acts in the bud.

“These are by no means incidental but results of meticulously designed and worked-out templates borne out of experience in intelligence and strategy that culminated in the appointments of tested generals who could key into the programme leading to the formulation of the military interventions across the nation�, it added.

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