No less than 20 soldiers eliminated in northern Afghanistan


A minimum of 20 soldiers were eliminated in an over night Taliban attack in Afghanistan’s northern province of Jawzjan, authorities stated on Tuesday.

A minimum of 2 other soldiers vanished following the attack on a military base in the Aqchah district of the province.

A member of parliament representing the province, Mohammad Karim Jawzjani, and provincial council member Abdul Hai Hayat stated.

The authorities stated that over the previous months the security scenario in the province surrounding Turkmenistan has actually degraded.

Authorities state the Taliban have actually preserved an existence in all districts of Jawzjan, other than the provincial capital.

In the previous 4 months alone, the Taliban took control of 2 districts, initially overrunning Qushtepa in July and then taking Darzab district almost 3 weeks earlier.

Afghan forces continue to battle Taliban militants and Islamic State terrorists.

The combating rose this year throughout continuous talks in between the U.S. and the Taliban about a political service to the dispute.

According to experts, both sides had actually attempted to acquire utilize at the negotiating table through military gains.

The talks were cancelled by U.S. President, Donald Trump in early September.

Nevertheless, there are indications that the talks may be resumed.

U.S. Unique Agent for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad held talks in the Afghan capital in the previous days and fulfilled Afghan authorities consisting of President Ashraf Ghani and President Abdullah Abdullah.

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