NSUK Postgraduate Admission Kind 2019/20 Out: ExamDate


Make an application for NSUK Postgraduate Admission Kind 2019/20 Session.
Applications are welcomed from appropriately certified prospects for admission into numerous Postgraduate programs of the Nasarawa State University, Keffi (NSUK).
ESSENTIAL NOTIFICATION:( i) Just Rushes offered for the session are marketed and as such prospects are encouraged to pick courses offered in this ad.( ii) Prospects are encouraged to PRINT out the ad and RESEARCH STUDY completely prior to STARTING the application treatment online.
POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMMES OFFERED1. Ph.D. Degree ProgrammesThese are offered to holders of M.A; M.Ed.; M.Sc. and LL.M degrees, with a minimum of 4.00 Cumulative Grade Point Average CGPA or comparable 60% rating in their scholastic Master degreeprogrammes. A Ph.D. degree program runs for a minimum duration of 6 (6) terms and an optimal duration of 10 (10) terms.
Appropriate courses will betaken for the Ph.D. full-time research studies where recommended and a Thesis is needed at the end of the Ph.D. program.
2. M.Phil/ Ph.D. Degree ProgrammesCandidates who score less than 4.0 CGPA or equivalent 60% rating in M.A., M.Ed., M.Sc., LL.M. can make an application for admission in to the Master of Approach (M.Phil/ Ph.D.) degree program. The M.Phil/ Ph.D. degree program is offered just to full-time prospects. It runs for a minimum duration of 2 (2) terms and an optimal duration of 4 (4) terms. Prospects in this classification are qualified for conversion to Ph.D. To be qualified for conversion for the Ph.D. program, prospects are anticipated to score not less than 4.00 CGPA at the end of the very first session.
3. Master Degree ProgrammesM.A., M.Ed., M.Sc., LL.M. degrees run for a minimum duration of 4 terms and an optimal duration of 6 terms for full-time prospects; a minimum duration of 6 terms and an optimal duration of 8 terms for part-time prospects. All Master Degree Programmes are by coursework. This remains in addition to a research study report in types of an Argumentation or Research study job. HND with PGDs at upper credit might be appropriate.
4. Postgraduate Diploma ProgrammesPostgraduate Diploma degrees are offered to prospects with a 3rd class (honours) degree and Greater National Diploma (HND) with minimum of lower credit or its equivalents. The Diplomas run for a minimum duration of 2 terms and an optimal duration of 4 terms for full-time prospects or a minimum duration of 4 terms and an optimal duration of 6 terms for part-time prospects.
5. General informationThe Postgraduate session for Postgraduate programs is 2 (2) terms, starting in October and ending in September of the list below year, beginning with the date of very first registration.
ELIGIBILITY FOR ACADEMIC PROGRAMMESGeneral Requirements: i. All Certificates will be offered at the point of acquiring the application, consisting of the National Youth Service Corp DISCHARGE CERTIFICATE OREXEMPTION CERTIFICATE.ii. Prospects are anticipated to send their application online together with the scanned copies of their credentials.iii. Records of Academic Records must be forwarded to the Secretary, School of Postgraduate Researches. The Postgraduate School will not be held accountable for any misdirected records, please.iv. All prospects should have 5 O/L Credit passes, consisting of English Language and Mathematics.v. Candidates for the Master degree programs who are graduates of Narasawa State University, Keffi and other acknowledged Universities should have a minimum of 2nd Class Honours Degree (Lower Department) and should be getting programs in which they have their very first degrees. Nevertheless, candidates with 2nd Class Honours Degree (Lower Department) and those with greater classes of degrees looking for admissions into programs outside those in which they have their very first degrees might be confessed, offered theysatisfy Senate requirements. All Prospects will use early for their main Bachelor’s degree records to be sent out to the Secretary, School of Postgraduate Researches, prior to the expiration ofthe deadline.vi. Candidates for the Postgraduate programs will undergo composed evaluation (certifying evaluation) regardless of the class of degree acquired.
1. Professors of AdministrationDepartment of AccountingPh.D, M.Phil./ Ph.D., M.Sc, Public Sector Accounting, Master in Accounting and FinanceDepartment of Banking & FinancePh.D, M.Sc, PGD, Department of Service AdministrationPh.D, M.Phil/ Ph.D, M.Sc, MBA (Accounting), MBA (Financing), MBA (Entrepreneurship), MBA (General), MBA (Personnel Management), MBA (Management), MBA (Marketing), MBA (Management Info System), PGD. Department of EntrepreneurshipM.Sc, PGDEN.Department of Public AdministrationPh.D, M.Phil/ Ph.D, M.Sc, MPA (General), MPA (City Government Administration), MPA (Management), MPA (Worker Administration), MPA (Public Law Analysis), PGD.
2. Professors of AgricultureDepartment of Agricultural Economics and ExtensionPh.D Agricultural Economics, M.Sc Agricultural Economics, M.Sc Agricultural Extension, PGD Agric Economics & Extension, PGD Agric Economics & Extension Farm Management.Department of AgronomyPh.D Crop Defense, Ph.D Crop Science, Ph.D Soil Science, M.Phil/ Ph.D Crop Science, M.Sc Crop Defense, M.Sc Crop Science, M.Sc Soil Science, PGD Agronomy (Soil Fertility & Management Alternative), PGD Agronomy (Soil & Water Management Alternative), PGD Agronomy (Crop Item Alternative), PGD Agronomy (Crop Science Alternative). Department of Animal SciencePh.D., M.Sc, PGDDepartment of FisheriesPh.D. Aquaculture & Fisheries Management (Aquaculture), Ph.D. Aquaculture & Fisheries Management (Fish Nutrition), Ph.D. Aquaculture & Fisheries Management (Fisheries Management & Preservation), Ph.D Aquaculture & Fisheries Management (Fish Breeding & Larviculture), Ph.D. Aquaculture & Fisheries Management (Fish Equipment Innovation), M.Sc. Aquaculture & Fisheries Management, PGD Aquaculture & Fisheries Management.Department of House Science & ManagementPh.D. House Science & Management (Clothes & Fabric), Ph.D. House Science & Management (Food & Nutrition), Ph.D. House Science & Management (Customer Education & Customer Behaviour), Ph.D. House Science & Management (Kid Advancement), M.ScHome Science & Management, PGD House Science & Management (Customer Education & Customer Behaviour), PGD House Science & Management (Clothes & Fabric), PGD House Science & management (Food & Nutrition), PGD House Science & Management (Kid Advancement).
3. Professors of ArtsDepartment of ArabicPh.D. Arabic, M.Phil/ Ph.D. Arabic, M.A. Arabic.Department of EnglishPh.D. English, Ph.D. Literature in English, M.Phil/ Ph.D. English, M.A. English, M.A.Literature in English, PGD English Language, PGD Literature in English.Department of FrenchPh.D. French (French Language & Linguistics), Ph.D. French( African Literature in French), Ph.D French (Relative Literature), M.Phil/ Ph.D. French, M.A. French (Literature), M.A.French (Language), PGD French.Department of HistoryPh.D. History, M.A. HistoryDepartment of Islamic StudiesPh.D. Islamic Research Studies, M.Phil/ Ph.D. Islamic Research Studies, M.A. Islamic Researches, PGD IslamicStudies.Department of LinguisticsPh.D. Linguistics, M.A. Linguistics.Department of Approach & Religious StudiesPh.D. Scriptural Research Studies (New Testimony), Ph.D. Church History, Ph.D. Approach & Ethics, Ph.D. Scriptural Research Studies (Old Testimony), Ph.D. Spiritual Research Studies, M.Phil/ Ph.D. ReligiousStudies( Scriptural Research Studies ), M.A. African Standard Faith, M.A. Scriptural Research Studies( New Testimony), M.A. Church History, M.A. Approach & Ethics, M.A. Religious Researches, M.A. Sociology of Religion.Department of Theatre Arts & Cultural StudiesPh.D. Theatre Arts, M.Phil/ Ph.D. Movie & Media Arts, M.Phil/ Ph.D. Cultural Policy & Management, M.Phil/ Ph.D. Advancement Interaction, M.A. Movie & Media Arts, PGDCultural Administration, M.A. Cultural Policy & Management, M.A. DevelopmentCommunication, M.A. Theatre Arts, PGD Advancement Interaction,, PGD Theatre Arts.
4. Professors of Natural & Applied SciencesBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyPh.D. Biochemistry, M.Phil/ Ph.D. Biochemistry, M.Sc Biochemistry, PGD Biochemistry.Department of MicrobiologyPh.D. Microbiology, Ph.D. Food & Industrial Microbiology, Ph.D. EnvironmentalMicrobiology, Ph.D. Medical Microbiology, M.Sc. Food & Industrial Microbiology, M.Sc.Environmental Microbiology, M.Sc. Medical Microbiology, M.Sc. Microbiology, PGDMicrobiology.Department of Plant Science & BiotechnologyPh.D. Plant Genes & Breeding, Ph.D. Plant Science and Breeding, M.Sc. Plant Genes & Breeding, PGD Biodiversity & Preservation ManagementDepartment of ZoologyPh.D. Zoology( Applied Hydrobiology & Fisheries), Ph.D. Zoology( Applied Entomology & Parasitology ), M.Sc. Zoology( Applied Hydrobiology & Fisheries), M.Sc. Zoology( AppliedEntomology & Parasitology ). Department of ChemistryPh.D. Industrial Chemistry, Ph.D. Chemistry, M.Sc. Chemistry, M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry, PGD Chemistry.Department of Geology & MiningPh.D. Geology (Mineral Expedition), Ph.D. Geology, (Sedimentology/Petroleum Geology), M.Phil/ Ph.D. Geology (Sedimentary/Petroleum Geology), M.Phil/ Ph.D. Geology( Engineering/Hydrogeology), M.Phil/ Ph.D. Geology (Mineral Expedition), M.Phil/ Ph.D.Geology (Ecological Geology), M.Sc. Environmental Geology, M.Sc. Geology andMining (Engineering Geology/Hydrogeology), M.Sc. Mineral Expedition, M.Sc.Sedimentology/ Petroleum Geology, PGD Geology and Mining.Department of Computer System SciencePh.D. Computer Technology, M.Phil/ Ph.D. Computer Technology, M.Sc. Computer Technology( Networking), M.Sc. Computer Technology (Database Management), M.Sc. Computer Technology( Database/ Info System), M.Sc. Computer Technology (Info Security), M.Sc.Computer Science (Software Application Engineering), PGD Computer System Science.Department of Mathematical SciencePh.D. Mathematics, Ph.D. Mathematics (Pure), M.Phil/ Ph.D. Mathematics, M.Sc.Mathematics (Pure), M.Sc. Mathematics( Applied), Department of StatisticsPh.D. Stats, M.Phil/ Ph.D. Stats, M.Sc. Stats, PGD Statistics.Department of PhysicsPh.D. Physics (Plasma), Ph.D. Physics (Theoretical & Strong State), Ph.D. Physics( Theoretical & Strong State), Ph.D. Physics (Theoretical & Mathematics), Ph.D. Physics( Radiation & Medical), Ph.D. Physics (Geophysics), Ph.D. Physics (Electronic Devices & Interaction), M.Phil./ Ph.D. Physics (Electronic Devices & Interaction) M.Sc. Physics( Geophysics), M.Sc. Physics (Plasma), M.Sc. Physics (Electronic Devices & Interaction), M.Sc.Physics (Theoretical & Mathematics), M.Sc. Physics (Radiation & Medical), M.Sc. Physics( Theoretical & Strong State), PGD Physics (Geophysics), PGD Physics (Theoretical & SolidState), PGD Physics (Radiation & Medical), PGD Physics (Electronic Devices & Interaction).
5. Professors of LawDepartment of LawPh.D. Law, M.Phil/ Ph.D. Law, Masters of Law, LLM (Law and Federal Government), LLM (TaxationLaw and Policy), LLM (Energy and Natural Resources Law), LLM (Intellectual PropertyLaw and Policy), LLM (Home Entertainment and Sports Law), LLM( Police andAdministration), LLM (Communications and Infotech Law), LLM (SecuirtyLaw and Policy), LLM (Law of Option Disagreement Resolution), LLM (Financial investment Law andPolicy), LLM (Constitutional and Person Rights Law), LLM (Law of Banking and Financing), LLM (Business Governance and Financing Law), LLM (Islamic Banking and Financing), LLM( Global Maritime Law) LLM (Law), PGD in Refugee & International HumanitarianLaw, PGD in Arbitration.
6. Professors of EducationDepartment of Educational FoundationPh.D. Curriculum Research Studies, Ph.D. Measurement & Assessment, Ph.D. Approach & Ethics, Ph.D. Educational Admin & Preparation, Ph.D. Educational Psychology, Ph.D. Approach of Education, Ph.D. Sociology of Education, M.Phil/ Ph.D. Measurement & Assessment, M.Phil./ Ph.D. Educational Admin & Preparation, M.Phil./ Ph.D. Assistance & Counselling, M.Phil./ Ph.D. Sociology of Education, M.Phil./ Ph.D. Educational Psychology, M.Phil./ Ph.D.Philosophy of Education, M.Phil./ Ph.D. Curriculum Research Studies, M.Ed. Educational Admin & Preparation, M.Ed. Curriculum Research Studies, M.Ed. Approach of Education, M.Ed. Assistance & Counselling, M.Ed. Measurement & Assessment, M.Ed. Educational Psychology, M.Ed. Sociology of Education, Master in Educational Preparation and Management (Part-time). Department of Science & Innovation Mathematics EducationPh.D. Science Education, Ph.D. Mathematics Education, M.Phil/ Ph.D. MathematicsEducation, M.Phil/ Ph.D. Science Education, M.Ed. Mathematics Education, M.Ed. ScienceEducation.
7. Professors of Social SciencesDepartment of EconomicsPh.D. Economics, M.Phil/ Ph.D. Economics, M.Sc. Economics, PGD EconomicsDepartment of Mass CommunicationPh.D. Mass Interaction, M.Sc. Mass Interaction, PGD Mass Communication.Department of Political SciencesPh.D. Government (Political Economy & Advancement Research Studies), Ph.D. Government( Public Law Analysis), Ph.D. Government (International Relations), M.Phil./ Ph.D.Political Science, M.Sc. Government (International Relations), M.Sc. Government( Political Economy & Advancement Research Studies), M.Sc. Government (Public Law Analysis), PGD Government (Political Economy & Advancement Research Studies), PGD Government (Public Law Analysis), PGD Government (International Relations). Department of PsychologyPh.D. Scientific Psychology, Ph.D. Psychology (Forensic/Correctional Psychology), Ph.D. Industrial Organizations Psychology, M.Sc. Forensic/Correctional Psychology, M.Sc. ClinicalPsychology, M.Sc. Psychology (Industrial/Organizational Psychology), PGD Psychology.Department of SociologyPh.D. Sociology, M.Phil/ Ph.D. Sociology, M.Sc.
Sociology, PGD Sociology. 8. Professors of Environmental ScienceDepartment of GeographyPh.D. Location( Meteorology), Ph.D. Location (Ecological Resource Management), Ph.D. Location (Geomorphology), M.Phil./ Ph.D. Location, M.Sc. Location (Meteorology), M.Sc. Location( Ecological Resource Management), M.Sc. Location (Geomorphology), M.Sc. Location( Geographical Info System), Master inEnvironmental Resource Management, Master in Urban & Regional Preparation, M.Sc. Urban & Regional Preparation, PGD Location (Meteorology), PGD Environmental ResourceManagement, PGD Land Administration, PGD Catastrophe Management, PGD Urban & Regional Preparation.
9. Institute of GovernanceSecurity & Strategic StudiesPh.D. Security & Strategic Researches, M.Phil/ Ph.D. Security & Strategic Researches, M.Sc.Security & Strategic Researches, PGD Security & Strategic Studies.Peace & Dispute StudiesPh.D. Peace & Dispute Researches, M.Sc. Peace & Dispute Researches, PGD Peace & ConflictStudies, Forensic StudiesM.Sc. Forensic Examination (Forensic Accounting & Auditing), M.Sc. Forensic Examination (Digital Forensic). Law & Corporate Governance, Master in Law & Corporate Governance, Procurement StudiesMaster in Public Procurement.
10 Institute of EducationPGD Educational Administration & Preparation, PGD Education, PGD Assistance & Counselling.
11 Centre for CyberspaceMaster in Cyber Security.
Technique of Application:.
Application would be acquired at the expense of N15,000 just. This remains in addition to the payment of N5,000 just for Evaluating/ Evaluation Administration in any of these banks through Remitta platform:– Diamond Bank, Ecobank, First Bank, UBA, Zenith Bank, GT Bank, Union Bank, Unity Bank, SKYE Bank, FCMB, Keystone Bank etc.Forms are filled online at NSUK site: www.nsuk.edu.ng (Select “Potential trainees” link, choose ‘use online the postgraduate school’) Please, follow all directions.
Evaluating Examination Date & Particulars:.
The certifying evaluation for all candidates looking for admissions into Postgraduate degree programs will hang on October 12 th and 19 th as revealed listed below;.


12 th October2019
Natural and Applied Science.
Professors Complex and Assembly Hall.
9.00 am.

Professors of Law.
Professors Complex.

Professors of Agric.
Professors Complex, Shabu Lafia.

Professors of Social Sciences.
Professors Complex & 1000 seat Auditorium.

Institute of Governors & Advancement Researches.
SPGS Auditorium and Class Rooms.

Institute of Strategic & Advancement Interaction.
Institute Complex and professors of Arts Complex.

Institute of Education.
Professors of Administration.

Center for The online world.
Professors of Environmental Complex.

Centre for Gender Research Studies.

19 th October2019
Professors of Administration.
Professors Complex & 1000 seat Auditorium.
9.00 am.

Professors of Arts.
Professors of Arts & Law Complexes.

Professors of Education.
Professors of Natural & Applied Sciences Complex.

Professors of Environmental Sciences.
Professors Complex & Assembly Hall.

Please Keep In Mind:( i) Prospects are to come with initial and copies of their qualifications (and records if not yet sent).( ii) Composing product for tests might be needed.
Participation by all candidates is obligatory.
Closing Date:.
Application are to be finished online and will close on Thursday, 15 th August,2019 Effective prospects will be alerted by email.
Best of luck To You all … CampusPortalNG Group.


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