Obumese’s book proposes brand-new system of federal government


By Osa Mbonu.

Tradocracy: An option and much better system of gov-ernment to democracy is composed by Odion Johnbosco Obumese, a medical researcher and author of numerous other books.

He specifies Tradocracy as a four-arm system of federal government implied for the wellness and development of individuals. The system is developed to have a sovereign electoral commission and department of morality.

The author argues it is incorrect to make the law occupation (the Judiciary) an arm of federal government in democracy in exemption of all other occupations. All occupations are equivalent in functions and requireds. The law occupation can not exist without books, structures (court structures) electronic devices, clothing and others. This indicates that other occupations likewise add to governance.

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In tradocracy, every occupation is an arm of federal government– the ‘researchure’. Tradocracy ended up being needed in order to deal with all the ills in democracy. Tradocracy is structured into 4 arms; the Executive, the Researchure, the Legal, and the Judiciary.

The Researchure is the brand-new arm of the suggested system. Its main function is the harmonization of occupations. It is not associated with executive functions, legal functions, or in judicial functions. The Researchure is a body of occupations.

An agent of your house of researchure represents occupations, not a senatorial district or city government council. The agents, called researchurers, are sent out from your house of researchure to the facilities they are so trained for, and to be associated with research study tracking, day-to-day activities of a work location, and work procedure.

For instance, a medical physician (researchurer) is sent out to a healthcare facility for research study, tracking of work procedure and method of work procedure in the healthcare facility. The researchurer reports finding, jots down brand-new research study and findings of the facility.

The agent of your house of researchure (Researchurer) then invests 3 weeks in the field and a week in your house of researchure for consideration and appraisal of his research study and findings for approval by home of researchure. When the research study and findings are authorized, it ends up being binding on the facility the researchurer (agent) was sent out.

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This action will enhance the economy of country and promote commercial development. In Tradocracy, all arms of federal government are totally independent. All arms of federal government will have an independent police like the Parliamentary Police managed by Senate President, the Judicial Police managed by the Chief Justice of the Federation, and the Researchure Police managed by Head of Researchure called Oniha. All arms of federal government will be economically self-governing in tradocracy.

The Electoral Commission in Tradocracy will be sovereign due to the fact that the members will not be selected by federal government. Federal government will not fund electoral commission. It will not police elections or the electoral procedures. The Electoral Commission is funded through electoral tax and unique grants.

The Electoral Legal Assembly makes laws for the electoral commission just, not by the parliament. Likewise Electoral Monitory Guard cops election and electoral procedures. The Police and other security companies are not permitted to cops elections in tradocracy. The Electoral Legal Assembly and the Electoral Monitory Guard are self-governing systems of the electoral commission. The tradocracy system dismisses rigging of elections and avoids electoral adjustment and pseudo politics.



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