Open Web for Democracy Leaders Program 2019 (Fully-funded to Berlin, Germany)


Due Date: May 27,2019

Applications are open for the Open Web for Democracy Leaders Program 2019 This is an eight-month non-resident management program that empowers emerging leaders from worldwide to build their advocacy and organizing capabilities to protect web liberty.
Open Web for Democracy Leaders are an unique mate of global fans from civic business, media, and the financial sector who are passionate about protecting and promoting an open web.
The program plans to:.

Empower emerging open web fans to advance web policy discussions and schedule adjustment in their country and location.
Strengthen the Open Web for Democracy Community by connecting emerging open web fans with their global peers.


The selected prospects will belong of a larger worldwide network where they can acquire from peers and share their work.
Open Web Leaders will get an honorarium of $1000 USD for completing their required activities, together with travel and day-to-day covered for journeys to one regional forum/conference and the 2019 Web Governance Online online forum to be kept in Berlin, Germany, November 25-29,2019


Prospects should expose shown interest or experience working on open web issues, with option used to those focused on media, individual sector/entrepreneurship or civic/political participation;(**************)
Experience in numerous of the following places: policy, advocacy, research study, or technical efficiency;(**************)
Ability to work individually with minimum assistance in collaboration with partners throughout different time zones;(**************)
Strong organizational, social, and interaction capabilities;(**************)
Strong social media networks capabilities;(**************)
Fluency in made up and spoken English;(**************)
Strong conversation capabilities;(**************)
Requirements to have the capability to travel to one worldwide conference and one event/forum associated to open web or web liberty in your home location (locations TBD; costs covered);(**************)
Option used to individuals from non-OECD countries.


Expectations of selected Leaders include:.

National or regional advocacyCarry out an in-country activity that directly contributes to an across the country or regional conversation on web liberty. In particular, this year’s work will focus on the dangers that network sovereignty policies position to an open web and democracy. Examples of what tasks might need include:.
An advocacy job targeted at preparing across the country policymakers with information about the errors of network sovereignty policies.
A report/research task that evaluates the impact of network sovereignty policies on access to news and information.
A mapping of across the country and/or regional network sovereignty policy proposals and their possible results.
A training module/video that talks about the implications of network sovereignty policies for civil society, media, and/or the financial sector.

Communications and Outreach.
Produce a minimum of 2 short article or brief posts for
Actively talk on open web issues, such as on Twitter with the program’s @OpenNetGlobal account.
Map the network of in-country and regional groups and individuals outdoors web community;(**************)
Recognize possible places for collaboration among local and regional open web advocates/groups, and develop approaches for engagement and cumulative action.

Concept Management.
Participate at the 2019 Web Governance Online online forum together with one regional web governance or digital rights online forum.
Contribute to understanding and awareness of Open Web for Democracy Community about local/regional/national threats to an open web through participation in suitable celebrations and constant information sharing.

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To discover more, see Open Web for Democracy Leaders Program.


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