Opportunity Put Together– Leading Opportunities for Africans for the Month of November2018



Here are the Leading Opportunities for the month of November 2018 as curated by the Opportunities for Africans Group. Enjoy!
Commonwealth Professional Fellowships 2019 for Mid-Career Medical Professionals to Research Study Research Study in the UK (Totally Moneyed) Due Date: Monday 3 December2018

U.S. Department of State Global Undergrad Exchange Program 2019/2020( International UGRAD) for Research Study Research Study in the United States (Totally Moneyed) Due Date: December 31 st, 2018 5: 00 pm EST
. SevenUp Botling Company Harvard Business School Scholarship 2020 for Nigerians (Totally Moneyed to Harvard Business School) Due Date: January 4th2019
UNICAF Scholarship to study an online degree from the University of South Wales or UNICAF University.
Canon Collins Thekgo (Undergrad & Postgraduate) Bursary 2019 for Research Study Research Study in South Africa.Due Date: 17 th December 2018 at 11 pm GMT.
Petroleum Development Improvement Fund (PTDF) 2019/2020 Abroad Postgraduate (Msc & PhD) Scholarship Prepare for research study in UK, France & GermanyDue Date: December 31 st2018

US-MEPI/AMIDEAST Tomorrow’s Leaders Scholarship Program 2018/2019 for Students from Middle East and North Africa.Due Date: December 1st2018
The Hague University of Aplied Sciences World Local Ability Scholarships 2018/2019 for Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree Research research study in the Netherlands (EUR 5,000) Due Date: March 31 st2019
Edinburgh Global Research Study Research Study Scholarship Awards 2019/2020 for abroad research study traineesDue Date: 1st February2019
The Jim Ovia Scholarship Program 2019 for young Nigerian traineesDue Date: December 26 th2018
Loughborough University Graduate School Improvement Trust Africa Scholarships 2019/2020 for Research Study Research Study in the UK (100% Tuition Rich) Due Date: 30 April2019
Ghent University Doctoral Scholarships 2019 for Potential Customers from Developing Countries to study in Belgium (Moneyed) Due Date: March 4th2019
University of Essex Africa Scholarship Program 2019/2020 for Young Africans to study in the UK Fee Date: September 30 th2019
International Reporters’ Programs (IJP) Southern African Press Reporters’ Bursary Program 2019 in Germany (3.000 Euro Stipend) Due Date: February 15 th,2019
Ashinaga Africa Effort 2019 management program for young African orphans (Totally Moneyed to study abroad) Due Date: December 16 th2018

Canon Collins Educational and Legal Assistance Trust PAID INTERNSHIP 2019 for young GraduatesDue Date: December 5th2019
African Business Education Effort for Youth (ABE Effort) 2019 Master’s Degree & Internship Program for Africans (Totally Moneyed to Japan). Due Date: November 30 th2018
M-Net Magic In Motion Academy 2019 for making every effort young Filmmakers & TV Graduates.Due Date: 21 January2019
ifa CrossCulture Internships Program (CCP) 2019 for young professionals from North Africa (Totally Moneyed to Germany) Due Date: 21 December2018
Deutsche Welle International Journalism Traineeship 2019 for Press reporters (paid Internships in Berlin and Bonn) Due Date: January 11,2019
CERN Summertime Season Trainees Program 2019 for young students– Geneva, Switzerland (Moneyed) Due Date: January 31 st2019
Sterling Bank College Student Program 2018 for young Nigerian GraduatesDue Date: December 7th2018
Unilever Inservice Trainee Program 2018 for young South AfricansDue Date: December 3rd2018
UNFCCC’s Action for Environment Empowerment Internship Program 2019 for postgraduate traineesDue Date: December 16 th2018
Thomson Reuters Journalism Training Program 2019 (Middle East & Africa)– Rich Training at Reuters, London-United KingdomDue Date: 30 th November2018
Deloitte Nigeria 2018 recruitment for Chartered Accountants: Fresh Graduates & Experienced AccountantsDue Date: Constant.
Investec CSI Young Entrpreneurs International Direct Direct Exposure Journeys 2019 for young South African Company ownersDue Date: November 30 th2018
ExxonMobil Graduate Engineer Entry-level Recruitment 2018 for young Nigerians.
Afrinvest Securities AfriPop Internship Program 2018 for young Nigerians Due Date: December 7th,2018
TechWomen Emerging Leaders Program 2019 for Ladies in STEM to study in the United States of America (Totally Moneyed) Due Date: January 16 th2019
The 2019 Research Study Research Study of the United States Institute for Student Leaders on Women’s Management (Totally Moneyed to the U.S.A.) Due Date: December 28,2018
World Bank Group XL Africa Business Speed Program 2018 for high-growth start-ups from Francophone Africa (All-expenses-paid residencies– in Mali and in France) Due Date: January 14 th2019
Hult Reward 10 th Year Anniversary Challenge 2019 for high result Company owner (grand benefit of USD1Million) Due Date: December 23,2018
McCain Institute’s Next Generation Leaders (NGL) Program 2019 for emerging Leaders Worldwide (Moneyed to U.S.A.) Due Date: February 15 th2019
Digital Lab Africa 2018 for African abilities in digital product production (42,000 ZAR cash prize & affluent Residency in France) Due Date: January 13 th,2019
McKinsey & Company Next Generation Women Leaders Award 2019 for Female Trainees & Professionals (2,000 Euros benefit) Due Date: January 14,2019
OneBeat International Residency Program 2019 for Ingenious Musicians Worldwide (Totally Moneyed to U.S.A.) Due Date: December 21,2018
Labs by ARM– FinTech focused Accelerator Program 2018 for early & advancement stage FinTech start-upsDue Date: 5th December2018
Need application: IRDR Young Scientist Program 2019 (4th batch) for young researchers worldwide.Due Date: December 31 st2018
UNESCO MGIEP 8th Talking Throughout Generations on Education #YouthWagingPeace Young Peacebuilders’ Workshop 2018– Amman Jordan (Totally Moneyed) Due Date: December 9th2018
TRACE Reward 2019 for Investigative Reporting– Finding Industrial Bribery (win cash prize of $10,000 USD) Due Date: January 31 st2019
World Health Business (WHO) 2018 Africa Advancement Challenge Require New Solutions to Boost Health in Africa (Totally Moneyed to Brazzaville, Congo) Due Date: Monday, 10 December2018
Deutsche Telekom Women’s STEM Award 2019 for Female MINT students around the globe (3,000 euros in prize money) Due Date: March 17 th2019
Harvard GSD Wheelwright Reward International Rivals 2019 for early-career Designers ($100,000 Travelling Fellowship) Due Date: January 27 th2019
World Advancement Top for Education (WISE) Awards Program 2019 ($ USD 20,000 benefit) for education jobs Due Date: January 15,2019
American Middle Eastern Network for Conversation at Stanford (AMENDS) Conference 2019 for emerging leaders (Totally Moneyed) Due Date: December 15 th, 2018 at 11: 59 PST.
Sage Structure’s Company Fund 2019 for non-profits around the globe ($500,000 in grants) Due Date: December 7th2018
TalentMine Refinery program 2019 for young Nigerian undergraduate students/fresh graduatesDue Date: January 15 th2019
Increase Need Applications: Youth Champions Effort for youths (Totally Moneyed to California, U.S.A.) Due Date: February 28,2019
Beahrs Environmental Management Program (ELP) 2019 at the University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A. (Partial Scholarships Used) Due Date: December 10 th,2018
Commonwealth Structure grants 2018/2019 for civil society organisationsDue Date: 7 January 2019 at 5pm GMT.
The Brunel University London International African Poetry Reward 2019 for African Poets (₤3000 benefit) Due Date: December 12 th2018
2019 National Geographic Society/Buffett Awards for Management in Conservation ($25,000 grant & Moneyed to Washington, D.C.) Due Date: November 30 th2018
The AFRIKA KOMMT! fellowship program 2019/2021 for Future Leaders from Sub-Saharan Africa (Totally Moneyed to Germany) Due Date: January 11 th2019
University of Oxford Reuters Institute Journalism Fellowship Program 2019/2020 for media professionals (Totally Moneyed) Due Date: 11 February2019
Commonwealth Professional Fellowships 2019 for Mid-Career Medical Professionals to Research Study Research Study in the UK (Totally Moneyed) Due Date: 3rd December2018
Dart Center Ochberg Fellowship 2019 for Mid-Career Reporters (Totally Moneyed to Columbia University in New York City City City, U.S.A.) Due Date: February 6th2019
Web Society Fellowships to the Web Engineering Task Force (IETF) Program 2019 (Totally Moneyed) Due Date: December second 2018 Next Einstein Online Online Forum (NEF) Fellowship Program 2019 for Africa’s finest young scientists and technologists.Due Date: 27 January2019
Abroad Improvement Institute (ODI) Fellowship Strategy 2019/2021 for young professionals (₤21,000/ Year Earnings) Due Date: December 2 nd,2018
Africa Oxford Effort (AfOx) Having A Look At Fellows Program 2019 for African-based Researcher & Academics (Totally Moneyed to Oxford University).
Need Applications: The Civic Hive fellowship program 2019 for young Nigerian Tech Innovators.
ICANN65 Policy Online Online Forum Fellowship Program 2019 -Marrakech, Morroco (Totally Moneyed) Due Date: 14 December2018
Machel-Mandela Fellowship Program 2019 for young African graduates (Totally Moneyed to South Africa) Due Date: 30 November2018
CAS-TWAS President’s PhD Fellowship Program 2019 for Research Study Research Study in China (Totally Moneyed) Due Date: 31 MARCH2019
UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) Italian JPO Program 2019 for potential customers from Least Established Nations!Due Date: 14 December2018
United Nations Work Environment for Deep Area Affairs (UNOSA)/ Japan Lasting Fellowship Program 2019 on Nano-Satellite Technologies for nationals of developing nations.Due Date: Due Date: 20 January2019
Al Alfi Structure Sustainable Improvement Fellowship Program 2019 for Egyptians (Moneyed) Due Date: April 15 th2019
Open Society Structure Fellowship 2019 for Innovative approach to Open Society DifficultiesDue Date:.
Kinship Conservation Fellows Program 2019 for Conservationists ($6000 stipend and a month of essential training) Due Date: January 8,2019
All the absolute best.



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