Overcoming Rejection at My Not-So-Dream School



It’s amusing how such a little word can make such an enormous effect. For me, this word made a fantastic impact since it appeared that everybody else got “accepted.” Or a minimum of that’s what it seemed like when everybody around me entered the colleges of their dreams. There I was: rejected. Rejected and entirely surrounded by the air of approval. Rejected and suffocated– even much better.

Prior to this word echoed through my mind, my mindset towards college was favorable. I looked into and checked out schools, sent out in triple-checked applications, and felt great in myself and my scholastic and extracurricular achievements. I was the meaning of a thrilled high schooler prepared to attend their dream college.

My world shook when my leading school upgraded my application status. Heart pounding and self-confidence high, I rushed to the computer system and hurried to open the link. There it was– the small word that squashed my soul.


My heart stopped beating and a million concerns went through my head. How? What have not I done? Are competitive schools actually this tough to enter? Why am I unsatisfactory? Why am I deniable? I had definitely no doubt in my mind that I was the ideal college candidate. I made directly A’s, got scholastic awards, took part in numerous clubs and social work, plus I rode horses both separately and on a group. What more could I potentially have done?

I seemed like all the work and time I took into improving myself and making myself the very best candidate recommended absolutely nothing. Although hurt, I waited patiently for the remainder of the schools to return their choices and attempted to keep a favorable mindset. To my unfortunate surprise, numerous of them sent me back the exact same action:.


It’s simple to see how this small word equated into a heavy, bothersome sensation that never ever stopped working to leave me alone. I had no inspiration to even open the letters and e-mails. I started believing I ‘d never ever participate in college, never ever mind a college I even from another location wished to participate in. At the end of the application status duration, I was entrusted 2 choices … both of them my “security” schools and both of them near to house– 2 things I hoped to prevent. My initial strategy was to leave and go to a competitive school far and turn into my own independent individual. It started to sign up that would not occur and I needed to pick among the 2 schools I used to as my last option.

Now it came time for me to draw it up and start the back-back-back up strategy: Boston College.

I understand it sounds unusual, Boston College as the security and the location I didn’t wish to go. However I felt so specific I ‘d get in all over else that it simply appeared typical for me to consider it that method. I was so versus going to BC that I didn’t even visit it or research anything about it; the very first time I even saw it was when I brought up to relocate.

Gasson, the college’s well-known structure, glared at me as I drove by on move-in day and I made certain to glare back. “Sure,” I believed to myself as the school flashed by through the window, “you’re quite and all, however I still do not wish to be here … like, at alllllllll.” I rolled my eyes and blurt an unfortunate sigh in the rear seats. I required myself to face my worst worry … my not-so-dream school.

I unloaded my things with tears in my eyes. When I hugged my household, the tears appeared to blow up from my eyes. I didn’t care if I appeared like an insane individual or like a terrified youngster. I desired out and I was hardly even in.

From the first day I made my impression of BC and it wasn’t going to alter. Every day, I duplicated the exact same thing to myself and my moms and dads whenever they ‘d call: “I dislike it and I wish to leave.”.

” Simply provide it a possibility … simply open yourself approximately the chances there,” my moms and dads would state to me. Those words flew in one ear and out the other. Just one word appeared super-glued itself to my mind, calling through my head whenever I took a look at Gasson:.


Freshman year showed to be a hard one. I succeeded academically, however not socially, personally, psychologically and mentally. I ‘d go house every weekend and desire I didn’t require to return; I closed myself off from individuals and remained in my space aside from classes. I didn’t seem like I belonged here in regards to my convenience and joy.

The only thing that kept me going was my journeys house and my more youthful sis’s check outs, that made me value going to a school just half an hour from house. Signing up with the club equestrian group showed to assist me get my mind off of being at school, permitting me to leave to the barn and delight in my joy once a week. Aside from those 2 things, nevertheless, BC still wasn’t my location and I persuaded myself it would never ever be.

Winter season break was a true blessing. I remained at house for a month with my household and I liked it. However for some factor I had this sensation, a little sensation that puzzled me … enjoyment. Why did I feel thrilled to return to school? What? A switch turned in my mind– not all the method, however just midway. I had no concept why I felt in this manner, particularly after persuading myself that I disliked Boston College and it disliked me.report this advertisement.

2nd term went much better than I anticipated. I began to practically automatically do things and satisfy individuals and sort of enjoy myself. I puzzled myself at this moment however simply kept going with the circulation of things. At the end of the year, I understood just how much I let feeling rejected and entirely deniable specify me. I can’t lie, the word still makes me tremble and irritate me to think of in addition to all of its luggage, however it’s an enhancement.

This year, I continue to participate in BC. Despite the fact that I still do not fawn over Gasson or completely consume over the school, it’s much better than the first day. I attempt to open myself approximately brand-new experiences and attempt to enjoy them. Often I do, often I do not– however I understand it’s fine not to.

I recognize it’s absolutely fine not to be fine, and it’s great not to feel entirely in love with my college. The very best I can do is make some effort to assist myself or have a favorable and open energy.

I am blessed to get an education, and I am pleased I am beginning to feel some sense of belonging. Although I comprehend I might have been unreasonable in just how much I disliked BC, I still challenge it to show to me (and difficulty myself to show to myself) that I can make it, no matter if it’s my dream school or not-so-dream school.

Today, I duplicate a brand-new word to myself every day, even if some days it feels tough to:.



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