OWSD PhD Fellowships 2019 for Females Scientist from Science and Development lagging Countries (Entirely Moneyed)


Application Due Date: 30 May2019
The OWSD PhD Fellowship program is administered with funds kindly provided by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Business (Sida) and is offered in partnership with host institutes throughout the developing world.
The.basic function of the fellowship program is to contribute to the.development of a new generation of women leaders in science and.innovation, and to promote their effective participation in the.clinical and technological development of their countries.

The specific goals of the fellowship program are:.

To boost access to scholastic and training opportunities in science and development for young and talented women surfaces from STLCs.
To increase the scientific performance and creativity of women scientists in STLCs.
To empower a new generation of talented women to presume a management function in science and development.
To inspire women scientists to contribute to the sustainable development of their home countries.
To make it possible for women scientist from the South to interact and network on a regional and around the world level.

1. Potential customers ought to validate that they imply to return to their home country as rapidly as possible after conclusion of the fellowship.
2. Certified countries.
The list of certified countries is similarly used here.







Burkina Faso.




Main African Rep.
Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip).



Sao Tome and Principe.

Côte d’Ivoire.

Dem Rep. Congo.
Sierra Leone.

Solomon Islands.

El Salvador.

South Sudan.

Sri Lanka.

Equatorial Guinea.


Syrian Arab Republic.








Lao People’s Dem Rep.



3. Certified scientific fields.

Agricultural Sciences.
Astronomy, Location and Earth Sciences.
Biological Systems and Organisms.
Chemical Sciences.
Computing and Infotech.
Engineering Sciences.
Mathematical Sciences.
Medical and Health Sciences.
Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology.

4. Certified scholastic qualifications.
The minimum qualifications is an MSc degree in amongst the above noted research study fields.
5. Certified host institutes.

Host institutes ought to be discovered in a developing country in the South( not the possibility’s home country).
A list of encouraged institutes is used here.

Other institutes, not included in the link above, will similarly be thought of if they reveal appropriate resources and understanding.
Potential customers require to acknowledge a host institute outside their house.nation. They can acknowledge a more 2 host institutes if desired.
Potential customers who are presently on site in the host country will not generally be thought of certified.

We extremely inspire certified prospects to start gathering all.asked for documentation as rapidly as possible; sometimes it takes weeks to.get all essential letters.
1. PhD research study proposal summary.

Potential customers ought to send out a PhD research study proposal summary (max.2.000 words) which require to be a summarized description of the PhD.research research study proposal.
Standards for making up an excellent research study proposal summary are used here.

Potential customers are invited to study completely these requirements and.guarantee that their proposal is well structured and clear. The job.proposition is offered particular attention at option.

2. Degree certificates and records.
Potential customers ought to send out copies of:.

all university degree certificates; and.
all university-issued records, revealing all courses and grades.

3. Rà © sumà ©.
Potential customers ought to send their overall CV (including a list of publications, if used).
4. Preliminary approval letter.
Potential customers ought to send out a preliminary approval letter from a minimum of one host institute.

The letter ought to be signed by the head of department or by the postgraduate research study studies coordinator.
The research study starting date on the preliminary approval letter ought to be.the year following the application (e.g. if you ask for a fellowship.in 2018 the approval letter require to reveal the start date as.2019).
The sample used here ought to be made use of for the preparation of this file.

5. Letter of devotion.
Potential customers ought to send out a letter of devotion from the possible host supervisor confirming that the host institute has the resources (e.g. bench charges, laboratory gadgets) required to perform the task.

The letter require to similarly describe why the host institute is.proper for the subject of research study and validate the supervisor’s. interest in handling the possibility.
Standards for letter preparing are used here.

6. Recommendation letters.
Potential customers ought to send out 2 suggestion letters from senior scientists well-informed about their work.

Standards for suggestion letter preparing are used here.

For SANDWICH potential customers simply: please note that your house PhD supervisor can not be amongst the 2 referees.

7. Passport.
Potential customers ought to send out a scanned copy of the passport page, which includes specific details (photo, file number and so on).
Potential customers acquiring a SANDWICH research study strategy must, in addition, send out similarly the following files:.
8. Registration and No objection certificate.

Sandwich potential customers ought to send out the Registration and No.objection certificate prepared by the home institute confirming that the.prospect is a PhD registered student which there is no objection to.her studying at the chosen host institute abroad.
The certificate style template can be downloaded here and ought to be completed and signed by the head/director of your house institute.

9. Supporting statement from home supervisor.
Sandwich.prospects ought to send out a supporting statement, prepared and signed by.the home supervisor on letter-headed paper. The supervisor should:.

state that he/she wishes to support the possibility venture part of her research study studies at the host institute abroad; and.
describe how the research study go to abroad will impact/benefit the possibility’s research study task.

Potential customers can choose in between 2 research study strategies:.

a full-time fellowship (optimum 4 years.financing), where the research study is performed absolutely at a host institute.in another developing country in the South.
a sandwich fellowship, where the possibility ought to be a.signed up PhD student in her home country and performs part of her.research research studies at a host institute in another developing nation.The sandwich fellowship is approved for a minimum of 1 and an optimum of 3. research study check outs at the host institute. The minimum duration of the.initially go to is 6 months. The general range of months invested at the host.institute can not surpass 20 months. The funding period can not surpass 4. years.OWSD particularly encourages potential customers to think of the sandwich.choice, which allows them to make the PhD in their home country while.accessing expert researchers and gadgets abroad, at the host.institute.

The fellowship support is simply provided while the student is on site, at the host institute.
The OWSD fellowship covers:.

A routine month-to-month allowance to cover basic living expenses such as accommodations and meals while in the host country.
A special allowance to go to around the world conferences throughout the period of the fellowship.

A return ticket from your house country to the host institute for the concurred research study period.
Visa expenses.
Annual medical insurance protection contribution.
The opportunity to go to regional science interactions workshops, on a competitive basis.
Research research study charges (including tuition and registration charges) in contract.with the chosen host institute which is similarly expected to contribute.

The OWSD fellowship does not cover:.

Bench charges and consumables.
Help for language training, either prior to or throughout the fellowship program.
Help for shipment of research study samples.
Costs for computer system or software application purchase.
Help for family member.
Additional return tickets to your house country for specific aspects.

For Extra Details:.
See the Authorities Websites of the OWSD PhD Fellowships 2019.